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  • hey
    i still have some yellow triangle and thinking day badges if you dont want to order ten let me know if you need any =]
    I would like to purchase two of these badges - I am coming to the Isle of Wright in June so it will be a nice way to remember my holiday and also add to my badge collection. Please let me have your name and address - the cost of two badges with postage and I will forward a cheque to you.


    Blooming heck you've been doing some posting!! It took til halfway down page 3 of my my new posts to find a thread you hadn't posted on!! :P
    Hi, Captain Gaerlick reporting in! Hope you are well. Just to let you know we now have a 1st Gaerlick Guides Group on Facebook and I hvae done a wee website My Community Website provided by Recipero and BT..

    Hope to hear from you soon.
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