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  • Please could you send both to me as PDF - my email address is julie_spanner58@msn.com
    Many thanks
    Hi there,
    I have just been looking for some inspiration for the new term (as you do) and came across Girl Guides around the World programme idea, I have tried to download it but cannot access the pictures do you think you could send it to me as a PDF? My email address is: sandie.scholes@btinternet.com

    Kind regards
    I guess the blue could look like our adult leaders' hoodie, as that has blue down the sides. But I just spotted the yellow bits too!
    My avatar used to just have my weemee, then I added the Welsh dragon & a tent.....the trangia saucepan is a bit of an in-joke following a camp this summer...but you might spot a couple of other saucepans in avatars from this too! Getting a bit too detailed now!
    Happy New year...I think you might be in 2012 already? we've got another 9 hours to go!!
    A belated welcome to the forum....and I love your avatar's Aussie uniform...surprising how recognisable it is even at such a tiny scale!
    Having now seen the bubbles on your profile pic, I think you should add those to your avatar too :D
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