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    Weekly Discussion: A single image

    I recently got the Guide jacket too and I'm the same as the above but a smallish size 12. It's too tight all over and I wouldn't be able to fit much more than a t-shirt underneath.
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    Weekly Discussion: It’s my first time…

    Running a campfire - get organised! Don't be afraid to write a program or list of the songs you want to sing and stick to it. That way you can make sure you have a good mix of song types and don't end up with awkward pauses while people try and decide what should come next. Make sure you know...
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    Weekly Discussion: A single image

    On the one hand I tend to prefer lack of choice when it comes to uniform. It make it so much easier! No confusion over what to wear to formal events - eg, can I wear a polo shirt to St Georges day parade or should I have a navy suite? Reach in the cupboard and the uniform is there. On the other...
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    Information: Church Parade - church services

    'Develop my beliefs' …. Is this something the girls should only do away from the meeting place?
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    Question? Do Rainbows do outdoor adventure?

    At the risk of sounding like a kill-joy, wouldn't it be better to save these sort of activities untill girls were at least mid-Brownie age? If you do caving, shooting and massive hikes when you're 6 what will you have left to do when you 8,9,10 etc..? I can see some people would say ' The...
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    Hi! New to Guides but not guiding.

    Welcome! Lovely to hear you're about to make the step in to Guides. Even though the programme is changing the amount of decision making the girls make for themselves is not. For Guides it's 50% of decisions made by the girls ( instead of the 25% in Brownies). How you choose to use this 50% is up...
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    Weekly Discussion: What keeps you going?

    I also like to try and keep non term time clear. I try to leave things tidy at the end of term then totally step away till the week or so before term start again.
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    Re thinking adventurous activities

    I've just read about a regional camp taking place next year ( which sounds fantastic and I'm not knocking the camp) but on offer will be things like archery,climbing, high ropes and crate stack. While these are great activities I wonder if these are getting a bit samey? A lot of my girls who...
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    "What new programme"

    This makes more sense now . This sounds a bit more like the way the GFI s work. I love the freedom we have as Guide leaders to come up with meetings with what ever activities or themes the girls pick up on. I'd hate to find the new programme takes away that freedom to explore.
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    New program and badge placement

    Does it not devalue a badge if , after all the hard work to earn it , we then say we 're not bothered where you put it?
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    "What new programme"

    Thanks Tregi - nice to read it all in one place. Still makes me feel a bit concerned that it'll all be a bit prescriptive. Will we be expected to only do activities from these cards to complete a stage and only between these set levels? I worry that girls will start comparing with each...
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    "What new programme"

    I haven't heard about this. Could you explain? PS - genuinely! I'm not trying to be ironic.:)
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    "What new programme"

    How did communications from CHQ etc take place before the internet? Guiding has been around for a very long time and I just wonder how organisation-wide information was distributed before bulk emails and forums? Obviously it worked some how as we're all still here!
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    "What new programme"

    I would question how you could be delivering good guiding if you aren't actually in touch with anyone else. Surely part of being a leader is making sure you keep abreast of any changes.
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    Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?

    Yes - leaders and girls wear them every week and when we're out and about. When a new girl makes her promise she receives her unit necker along with her promise badge. I know some people complain they get lost or crumpled but I feel its a small but useful exercise in looking after your...