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  • Hi Jo, Just to let you know I got your PM, but your inbox is full so cant send you my mobile number, but it is the same one which was sent out for G2G10 (if you still have that message).

    Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday
    Gwen :)
    I know a few people who went today! I hope you had fun - and managed to avoid the downpour!
    I'll get in touch with your Div Comm (is it Dax?) and suggest they open it up to other divisions next time! We would have loved to come along. Though I think Roo & Val are involved in running another one with our division in the autumn... so we'll keep you informed!
    See you soon. Nicola x
    A couple of people have mentioned it but I don't know anything about it, sadly! It would have been perfect for our older Brownies!
    Where is it and when? Do you know who organised it?
    N x
    cerys80 :

    Hi! Would you mind sending a copy of the bits and pieces (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) that you have? Thanks! rainbowb (aka Barb)
    Hello - I am back are you still interested in the archery 50p? Sorry its taken me a week to get back to you. =]
    HI Jo, dont worry i go away for a week tomoz so i will contact you when i get back about it if thats ok. Enjoy Cardiff. Sarah
    Hi do you still have your charlie and chocolate factory things if so please could you email me what you have joanne.wood3@ntlworld.com as thinking of doing this for my licence

    Many Thanks

    Joanne Wood
    hahaha yes thats what she told us! Me & mum went to meet her to get some tips about catering for large scale! and then she said your rral name which i knew from somewhere and realised it was from the shrinkle badges you done for me!! :)
    Met your DC today!! She was talking about a mam-mia camp she had been on and I knew I had heard somebody on here talking about it before!
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