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  • Hi

    I have downloaded some of the patrol name sheets from the downloads section. There are 3 patrols that im missing and i was wondering if you have a word template that you could send me so i can make the other 3 look the same as the rest.


    hi i love you six pointd charts and plan on using them. the kelpie chart file is damaged and can't be opened don't know if you can fix it please.
    Any chance you could do a polar bear version of the patrol sheets could you?
    Many thanks!
    Cathy Scott
    2nd Liversedge Guides

    I've been using the points charts you created in the downloads section but I'd like to add another section at the bottom- could you send in another format than pdf please? They've been really useful since i started so would love to print off a new set for Monday as the old ones have fallen to bits
    Hello, you're online late! Has Emilia developed a taste for late night partying already hehe? Hope you're all well x
    Hi dizzy

    you left me a message regarding e-mail address. It will not send, a message keeps coming back to say your e-mail if full.
    Hi Dizzy

    just logged back on after a long time away. I see I am still a moderator. As I have not been a participant for such a long time, I would not object to being 'down graded' to a normal user. I leave that in your hands.

    I hope to get back active again as I miss the chats and info sharing.
    Hi there,
    wasn't sure who to direct this to inorder for it to be displayed for all so I chose you (hope you don't mind!!)
    I just wanted to say how much I want to thank everyone who has developed this forum for those of us 'mad' enough to be in the Guiding Profession! I am a new GIC and have found this site INVALUABLE for all the help, suggestions and advice on just about ANYTHING!
    Just this week i had an upsetting experience with my Guides and needed some advice and/or encouragement to reassure me I am doing the right thing and it wasn't just me doing it all wrong!
    Well the response I have had has been AMAZING! Between replies on the thread and PM's I now know this is definitely the thing for me...and I'm NOT doing it wrong!!!
    So I was hoping there was someway you could pass this on to everyone involved with this site a BIG THANK YOU from one little newbie GIC who couldn't do this without all your help!!
    Cheers Wendy :)
    Hi Again,

    Thanks for you message. I have adobe reader and have been able to download all your other documents it's just the Kelpies one there seems to be a problem with x
    Hi Dizzybint,

    I love all your points charts but for some reason when I try to open the Kelpies one it comes up with an error? What programme to you create your documents in?


    Kayleigh x
    can you ask mike to have a look at calendar function it wont change from dec 2010 dropdown box finishes at 2010
    Ta !!
    Hi I have tried to print off your Kelpies points chart but it tells me that there is an error. Could you please help?


    Hiya Lisa, tried to PM you about G2G6 rooms but your inbox is full! I'm sure you're mega busy with everything atm but just wondering if it's too late for me to swap rooms?

    According to the list I'm currently in room 1 with a lovely but loud crowd, but looking at my diary for the week before and after I think I'm definitely going to be needing my sleep that weekend! Please can you move me into room 2 with Claratrix, Jellycan, Fuzz etc? According to the list there's a spare bed and I'm not fussed about whether I have top or bottom bunk.

    Thanks! See you soooooooon :)
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