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    New Programme - Discuss!

    We did this the other week and I quickly banned any of them saying "give it as a gift/homeless". They got the idea in the end, and as we paired with the paper chain activity, it meant that one went pretty quickly.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Perhaps that is why there is a SB specifically for camping, and having a level of that will be a pre-requisite.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Someone on FB said she was told that not just the UMA cards would count for the hours. I think this needs clarifying with HQ. I hope we can use our own activities as otherwise it is very restrictive and not "flexible Guiding" or "Girl led".
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    Resource Swallows and Amazons Forever!

    I have less than 100 at the moment, but have put in an order for 1000 more.
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    Weekly Discussion: Sash(ay) away

    I managed to persuade most of my unit to get gillets by buying them cheap off ebay. They are easier to wear and you can get lots more badges on them than the sash. My girls look really nice when they all wear them together. A set placement would mean they looked even nicer I think, as they would...
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    Weekly Discussion: A badge for everything?

    I think it depends on the unit. You hear of those who do an interest badge and a challenge badge every half term, and others who lean the other way to interest badges being for individuals only. Certainly, when there has been a uniform day at the school where I work, I often look at the badges...
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    Weekly Discussion: I failed at it so you don’t have to!

    A few years ago, we spotted this idea for chocolate roll reindeer. It looked really easy. Unfortunately, we ended up with reindeer roadkill as the mini chocolate rolls just broke apart when you tried to attach anything to them.
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    Weekly Discussion: Waiting List Fiascos

    In the last year, I have had a sudden influx on my waiting list, meaning that I have had to put girls off for months. It's been a juggle trying to decide if I go with the oldest, the one who's been on the list longer, the Rainbows, the sisters. Luckily, the other pack that meets in the same hut...
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    Where to order challenge badges

    I get mine from MBC. It's best to shop around to find what works for you, but generally the smaller the badge and the larger the batch, the cheaper your badge will be per unit. For my challenge badge, I choose the 63mm size rather than the 75mm size, and buy in lots of 1000. Generally I pay...
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    I too wondered where the adult uniform was. Do we know where this is being circulated? I hope they are not relying on social media. What would have been really good would be if they got Guiders on one of the idents on the BBC.
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    Weekly Discussion: “Challenge” Badges

    In a way, challenge badges are regulated. At least the design of them is because you have to send them to HQ to be approved. I agree that you have to choose carefully as some have very little substance. Others can surprise you when you read them. One I remember is the Princess Challenge. The...
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    What's your job?

    I made one a few months a go. Some of the people are famous, and others are Guiders.
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    Brownies Yellow Neck Tie Dimensions

    I've just had a look at my Dad's school Scout neckerchief, which I have knotted and used as a tie when I dress up as a 40's Guider. It is actually a square when not folded and is at least a meter across the diagonal from point to point. Don't know if this was the standard size for all neckers...
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    Brownies activity taster pack

    The one thought about the Trefoil activity was that it didn't actually explain any of the meanings of the WAGGGS symbol.
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    Discussion V: Branding, has it worked?

    Having a logo with four different versions, depending on where on the page it is, doesn't really work. I have seen so many posters, leaflets etc. with the wrong one used. It doesn't work on the badge tabs either. They should have the metal bit the shape of the logo. I also think the flags...