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    Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?

    No; Guides voted against them. Twice (different years, new turnover).
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    Enchanted Forest Wide Game

    I'm looking too, under a more general title of 'fantastic beasts'!
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    New today

    Welcome in!
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    Weekly Discussion: Mother of problems…

    Yes, this is about busy volunteers taking the time to talk to each other -- before a mismatch of expectation starts to cause a problem. A policy won't help. I'm not sure GGUK can do much except say 'try to be accommodating, and be aware of the example that you're setting the girls.'
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    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome in
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    REN Forms

    But won't be. I honestly cannot be a***ed to wrestle with GO. If greenfield sites need approval and activity sites need a such a huge lead time then I give up. This will be the last summer that I take Guides and Brownies away. I am so sick of all the forms.
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    BBQ ideas

    Disposables take a little while to burn well. I find sausages and burgers are a good bet as the grease dripping off helps the burn. For vegetarians try kebabs. Really, Brownies can do anything the Guides do but take longer to do it and to clear up afterwards.
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    REN Forms

    FFS. It's getting faster to write things out with pen on paper than use GO. <headdesk>
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm liking it too. But I need to settle to some GGUK admin now. :(
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    Just joined

    Welcome in. Enjoy browsing the downlad section, or feel free to ask if you have a particular topic. We're very friendly here.
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    Just Joined

    Welcome in! If you are having fun then go for it.
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    Suggestion - should we drop having uniforms?

    Good question; I keep a large box of secondhand uniform which can be bought (cheaply) or loaned (freely) to a needy family. One set is kept especially for the 'it's in the wash!' excuse -- they can go and change into it for the meeting. Not want to is trickier, but the girls are old enough to...
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    Suggestion - should we drop having uniforms?

    Team identity and learning about teamwork; essential life lessons.
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    Weekly Discussion: Year Nought

    Been there, done this. Fortunate enough to have an encouraging DC and (pure luck) the Cenentary Adventure challenge to build early meetings around. Could have done with the Girlguiding equivalent of Scouting's 'A year's worth of meetings in a book' to help but ran into it later in my first year...
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    Weekly Discussion: I failed at it so you don’t have to!

    Marbelling with shaving foam: who has tried it? Your best tips and tricks please, or your 'what to avoid'!