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    Fake threads?

    Yes, I'll second that -- it's been lovely to have the discussions again
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    Rainy Days

    Adapt the programme if you can but keep the girls going out and about, not in the tents. Check the inexperienced campers' kit yourself (I had one who was too embarrassed to admit her sleeping bag was wet, even though we had some spare she could have borrowed). Provide copious hot drinks and food...
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    Good Day

    Welcome in. There's lots of traditional stuff in the files, and google will help search through archived threads from this site if you want ideas on a particular topic. Everyone is friendly!
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    So... what does each section *need* to buy and which extras would be nice?
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    Question? Leaders working on ALQ and desperate to do GAW

    It has *NOTHING* to do with insurance premiums. They were NOT running unsafe camps; they were running slightly chaotic, inefficient camps where they gradually learned *why* things are run a particular way. They were adults with common sense, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. So what if...
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    Question? Leaders working on ALQ and desperate to do GAW

    I have seen plenty of Scouters run an overgrown family camp as their first attempt, sometimes without a basic duty rota or clear adult role assignments. They survive and learn. The blokes are confident in their ability to improve and the SA is assured enough in its systems to let it happen...
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    Question? Leaders working on ALQ and desperate to do GAW

    I really think that we should be encouraging new Leaders to the best of our and their ability. Women still suffer from a 'can't do' or 'not sure' attitude, and Girlguiding should be encouraging all its members to 'go for it', not just the youngsters. If camping and outdoor adventure is what...
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    Question? Do Rainbows do outdoor adventure?

    Start them young, but bear in mind that the simplest things can be adventurous if they've never done them before. So things like going on a nature hike, collecting wood and helping to make a campfire, cooking something on a campfire, putting up a tent, learning the basic points of a compass...
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    Weekly Discussion: A single image

    A small number of options is OK. I wouldn't wear the same type of top to camp and to Remembrance, for instance.
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    Croissant dought is ideal for Brownies (sweet and so buttery that it cooks very fast). When we did a taste test with different recipes with Girl Guides we found that the most popular was the simplest, unleven recipe (no yeast, no fat, very little sugar). Try this recipe.
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    Weekly Discussion: Simple Fresh Air

    Default challenges for when we just want to bimble along a footpath:
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    Global Challenge???

    I think it's a Scout challenge: Berkshire Scouts » Global Awareness Programme
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    Wide Game help?!

    Anyone here good at designing wide games? I need some ideas/inspiration: I have a 1km hike around fields and woods for my Brownies to walk on Pack Hol, and I'd like to do an incident hike with collecting 'Fantastic Beasts' at various points. The points would have to be unmanned but I can set up...
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    Adventure badge help

    Everything is listed in the current Brownie hankdbook: Brownie Adventures Book - Adult Resources | Girlguiding However, the Brownie programme is changing from September 2018 so at the moment we are all holding off waiting for the new programme and the new handbook and badge book to come out...