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    Brownie Theme Award and Anniversary Certificates

    Excellent work; thank you so much! I especially love the filled sash. I don't suppose that you'd consider doing a set for Guides?
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    Question? Non-plastic poppies

    Yes, I think there is scope for more choice which the RBL could explore. I'm not saying dispose of the old machines all at once, but as part of a growing trend, they could look at cardboard.
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    Question? Non-plastic poppies

    We do a fair bit of poppy craft in our units before Remembrance, but we also buy wreaths and lapel poppies to support the RBL. We have become increasingly concerned at the small bits of plastic in the poppies which are discarded in large numbers about now. I thought that there might be support...
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    Why is it my daughter?

    Yes, this is my experience too. I took over as Brown Owl because my daughter loved it, but she did push her boundaries. The above are all sensible suggestions -- be 'brown owl only' in the meetings, have another Guider deal with her, let her pull a sickie very occasionally so she doesn't have...
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    Information: Painting badge

    Yes, I do like your collection of badge folders on there!
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    Information: Painting badge

    Those of you who want to encourage Brownies to try the new painting badge might like the following idea for abstract art. This week we used Kirsty Thorpe's idea of using masking tape and block colours to get each girl to produce their own 'Mondrian' painting. The results were really impressive:
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    Ideas for Guide challenge event

    How about a TARDIS challenge, racing through (local history) events to collect tokens? Challenges might need to be adapted to suit age groups; our area has a habit of making events fun for Rainbows and Brownies, which leaves my Guides and Rangers very bored. :( But you can get plenty of ideas...
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    Period Pains!?!?!?!

    It's not about the bleeding; it's about the ripping cramps that can stop a girl standing up or a migraine that temporarily blocks her vision. It's incredibly common for camp activities to bring on a first period, or an early period, or a heavier period than they're used to. You can be body...
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    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    Yes, because it's so terribly important there is absolutely NO WAY that I, a mere neighbour, would do anything at all without consulting a professional. We are NOT professional educators, professional health care specialists or professional social workers. So what the average working volunteer...
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    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    Although I still say I don't need safeguarding training; I need a helpline phone number for that. BigBlue's idea of behaviour basics would be much more widely applicable.
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    Welcome in. Lots of lovely stuff in the files here.
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    New member

    Welcome in. Lots of good advice and resources on here.
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    Weekly Discussion: Does Go deserve a bad reputation?

    We have been feeding back for years. Either HQ don't have enough IT expertise to say "this is a pile of smelly emperor's new clothes" or they've spent so much that they can't back out now.
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    Adding Skill Builders to GO

    They've been taken for a ride. I wonder how much it all cost (us)?
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    Compare and contrast...

    Yes, it was kind of absurd that we were supposed to conceal day/location when my units have been meeting in the same place on the same weekday for nearly 100 years. Thankfully other members of the village kindly filled in the info on local community pages when I couldn't.