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  • Thanks for letting me know
    Hasn't arrived today so hopefully tomorrow otherwise it will be a New Year present to myself!
    Hi Emma, So sorry, I totally forgot - my memory is not quite what it should be since my stroke. can you pm me your address and I will get the payment off to you.

    Once again, so sorry for this delay. Cheers, Sly
    Sorry totally forgot about them yes please Let me know where to send the money and i will get it off to you
    its on the 17th - tickets on sale 22nd may - usaully expensive though
    Yes, I did get the order, and I've placed it. Neckers come from a different person, so I've not been able to get one of those for you.
    I bumped into Rosie today and she said she couldn't make carol singing.
    See you Thursday.
    Mines Alice - And i think i met you and your hubie well must be 2-3 years ago! lol you really must join! I said that then.

    IS your hubby the one taht can do first aid training? If so do you think he could probably run a session for scogui? (i sound really rude sorry :) but if i dont ask i never will find out
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