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    Weekly Discussion: For whom the bell shaped badge tolls...

    I think they will die a death - and I would be delighted if they did. For every carefully thought through, imaginative, challenging one, there are a dozen that are the results of five minutes' internet search slapped down on a page. The want of quality control, and tailoring activities to age...
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    New Anniversary badges

    Yup - normally wouldn't have to, except in cases where there are errors in the records, or members of Senior Section who were in Rainbows before the introduction of GO.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Almost all Rainbow units meet for 1hr, occasional ones are 1hr 15. But normally would be 37 not 35 weeks.
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    Meeting Ideas

    I would let them choose from a selection of UMA cards to begin with - it will give them a range of ideas, with all the info on equipment, duration etc.
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    New Anniversary badges

    You wouldn't normally have to calculate it - there is now a record on GO for the anniversary badges, so it should have recorded the time she was active in Guiding, not including the gap.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    Please don't do any Interest Badge activities. They are solely for the girls to do in their own time. So you can explain about them to the girls, and you can supply information to the parents but - that's it. It's then up to each individual girl to decide whether they want to do Interest...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    They would only be repeating every few years, when there was a complete new generation of girls through the unit - just like with the last programme. To be honest, the two items I'm delighted don't feature are craft and festivals. Sadly, some units marked the same festivals every year, in much...
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    Are promise badges still a thing?

    Depends, I guess, on the importance the individual places. Certainly the Promise has been made more demanding - it has ceased to be an "open-sesame" - type password that you have to mumble after six weeks or so in order to get to wear the clothes, and has become more challenging for the individual.
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    Guide interest and go for it badges

    The mixed shape badges are very out of date, so it's not ideal to be issuing those if it can possibly be helped. I suspect that towards the end of the transition period some badges will become difficult or impossible to get hold of, new or second-hand, so on that basis I can't recommend leaving...
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    Are promise badges still a thing?

    No, absolutely not discontinued.
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a Guider who is weary of new programme negativity. Without anyone having yet had the chance to try it, they are convinced that it won't work, that it's too like school, that they'll never be able to afford or store equipment, that Rainbows won't cope with Rainbow badges, Brownies won't...
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    Weekly Discussion: No awakeovers on our watch

    None of those are normal, nor permitted. However, being sent home for misbehaviour can occur at any hour . . .
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    Resource Music is Fun challenge [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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    Returning to Brownies + Recording Sheet

    Not for me, TBH. Suspect I'd find it easier to use the unit programme together with the roll sheet to do updating monthly, rather than handwrite entries on 20-odd individual record sheets by hand before transferring it onto the computer anyway - especially since online you can click to credit...
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    New Programme Term Plans

    You may well find you don't need so many weeks for Skills Builder - most can be done in 3-4 meetings.