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    Bagged me a Scout!

    Yes, but there are significant differences in the way Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are organised, compared to the UK organisations.
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    "What new programme"

    Up until now they haven't needed permission - it will only change when GDPR comes in.
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    Weekly Discussion: Guiding in Different Areas

    I'm in the opposite position in a way - run units near a university so have a regular influx of Leaders and Assistants in our area. We gain new ideas and new ways of doing things, in return they get to know something of the community beyond the university walls, and see how we do things, to the...
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    Benefits of student leaders

    I do my Guiding in an area next to a university, meaning that each year we aim to recruit students to each of our units. Wondered what others reckoned were the advantages of student leaders?
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    Resource Expenses form

    No need for an expenses form, just retain receipts and hand them over to whoever does the accounts for the unit. They can record what the payment was for, pay it out, and add the receipt to their files.
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    "What new programme"

    The vast majority of us know fine well that there is a new programme coming. Some are excited about it, some curious, some irritated or frustrated, some bored, some with other reactions - but whatever the opinion, we know that it is coming. But - from some forums, it appears that there is a...
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    11-year-old Brownies

    So, because the Guides are unnecessarily restrictive about when they will take in girls, it has knock-on effects for Brownie recruitment, as significant numbers are late in starting Brownies. Is it the result of a regularly-reviewed District policy, or just that the Guide Leaders have decided?
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    Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?

    Yes - Brownies and Leaders wear them every week. Guides and Leaders can wear them weekly if they wish, but always on outings.
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    Bagged me a Scout!

    ple are perceiving some sort of competition or rivalry, ridiculous as it seems to even suggest such?
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    Bagged me a Scout!

    I just don't get why It's always Scouts and never Girls Brigade, Woodcraft Folk, etc - all of whom are equally (perhaps more) similar? It's almost as if peo
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    Weekly Discussion: Would you confiscate?

    I explain the rules to parents at parents' meeting, including why in each case. And likewise with the girls. And on arrival we usually have an amnesty whilst the unpacking is done. We make it clear that food in tents attracts insects and vermin. That there are no shelves or drawers on a tent...
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    Bagged me a Scout!

    It happens here regularly - and we have a proportion who belong to both, and a fair few I wouldn't know whether or not. To be honest, it doesn't bother me what other clubs or classes the girls are or have been in, and I find it confusing that others seem to take such an interest?
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    11-year-old Brownies

    That's not good for either party - Brownie programme only lasts for 3 years so some girls will have almost a year of hanging around bored - meantime the Guide programme lasts a full 4 years, so the girls are missing out on the chance to both earn all 4 challenge badges, and start Senior Section...
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    11-year-old Brownies

    Seem to be a lot of cases of girls who joined at 7 still being in Brownies at 11 - in some units, as the norm not the exception. What are the pros and cons?
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    Young leader info

    Anyone who attends unit meetings is insured. Member or not, in uniform or not. It would be wise to run off the info and talk options, so you can work up a plan between you which works for both her, and the unit.