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  • Hi,
    Have just tried to send a message about GirlGuide Get me out of here badges, but your inbox is full!
    Please can you let me know if you have eight left?
    Hey, just tried to send you a message regarding the I'm a Girl Guide Get Me Out of Here badges, not sure if it sent though. I seen your post about having badges left and am just wondering if you had 50 that I could buy from you for our guide camp? Thanks, Beth :)
    Heya, just tried to PM you but your inbox is full!

    Do you still want your secret Santa badge? If so, can you please PM me with how you'd like to pay?

    have a look on download section on here think some one made cards for lots of gfi's
    Hi .. can you just confirm if you want the shrinkle weemee pins you ordered?
    I'll have to dust the bag soon, lol !! :o) Thanks Jo (cerys80)
    Hi there, just checking, do you still want your shrinkle centenary weemee pins with names?
    Ah you ordered 29 not 30. The order was edged up today and will be in the post tomorrow.
    fluffy I have many orders all with peoples real names, can you either give me your unit or what you actually ordered so I can work out if I have the order.
    I am a retired Scout Commissioner interested in Division standards. Could you tell me anything about your Division standard please. Could you encourage them to have a badge made. I could help you sell 100-120 I have all the details. Keith
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