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    New Programme - Discuss!

    We had our first night of Guides last night. Explained the programme - our YL in particular was very impressed with it all, and we tried out some UMAs - same as someone upthread - fabulous friend and the miming one. They all seemed to enjoy them. We're going to start with stage 4 skills...
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    Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?

    We have them in our Guides. They are green with a yellow border. Colours were chosen by the first cohort after the unit opened. Pretty much all units in our county have them and it is much easier to spot your own girls at big events. GG changed the shades of green and yellow available so we now...
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    Weekly Discussion: Who makes the cut, selection of six/patrol leads

    Our patrols and PLs are sorted by the leader - her view is it avoids the "little miss popular" and the awkward one always being the last one standing, as she experienced this herself in her youth. With each new batch, she tries to spread them evenly between existing patrols, keep sisters...
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    Weekly Discussion: Sash(ay) away

    I have fond memories of my brownie sash, and I don't remember ever having problems with it falling off. Badges were smaller then, so you could fit more on. It always felt like a big landmark when you filled up the front and started on the back. I think a standardised placement would be good. Our...
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    Young leader and subs

    Update - I spoke with the Brownie leader and she was happy for me to end her role with my unit on GO.
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    Young leader and subs

    Yes, census. I'll try and speak to the brownie leader, don't really want to dump it on her a week before the deadline
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    Young leader and subs

    One of my Senior Section is also a young leader with a Brownie unit. On GO, her main role is our unit but she hasn't attended for aaages, and her mum confirmed today she doesn't want to come back. Our other leader says she will still have to pay subs to us, even though she isn't attending. Is...
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    Friendship bracelet ideas please!

    We have friendship bracelets to do for a badge and thought about doing paracord instead, but they look just as complicated!
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    Camping while pregnant?

    The guider I run our guides with did (about 15 years ago). She was about 5 months. From what she has told me, she was supernumerary, as was her husband, so that if she had a problem she could go home and the camp could continue on as normal. I'll not be going to camp this year as I'll be 8...
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    Maternity leave

    Good point Tregi, hadn't considered that
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    Maternity leave

    It'll be easier said than done going back to just attend meetings without planning!! Just realised our YL will be 18 over the summer, so provided she stays, which I think is likely, we'll be ok ratio wise. You're right, it's very unplannable - I might be desperate for an evening out come...
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    Maternity leave

    If you've had a baby as a guider, how much time did you take away from your unit? I'm expecting my first in June, have already told GiC as she had started making plans for camp next year (usually held in June). I will be finishing work in May and returning no sooner than February. I'd like to...
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    Changes to TSS

    I'm another one that would choose Rangers as the name. I've always thought The Senior Section was awfully clunky. I've signed our (tiny) unit up as activity testers and intend to make sure we have our say on everything
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    Free being me?

    3 of my seniors went to Our Chalet this summer and as part of the programme there completed free being me. They aren't sure if they can count this as a phase 2 international and neither am I. Reasons for - on the look wider resource, it suggests WAGGGS initiatives such as surf smart or stop the...
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    camp fire badge

    I saw some on a recent browse through guide badges on ebay