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  • hi, i saw on a post that you offered to send a new leader some term planning ideas and I was wondering if you could possibly send me some too? myself and another leader in training will be qualified and taking over our unit next term so any ideas really appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Louise x
    Apologies for messaging you, as you're not managing the Pet challenge badge any more - but do you know if it's still going & who I contact now for it? Thanks
    I would love a copy of the Adventure on syllabus. I am a Canadian Guider. Email addy is themilligans@shaw.ca


    rainbowb (Barb)
    hi,thanks for sending me a message back! Turns out Ranger Guider has one. I am using it as a theme for my SS permit (then everyone else gets something out of it!). Thanks again!
    Hello there just wondering whether you know if Pet challenge badges are in stock or who I should contact to find out. My Rainbows unit is about to start the challenge and I was putting a cheque in the post this week to purchase badges thinking that might be a mistake if you are no longer co-ordinating the challenge. Can you let me know who to contact.

    Naomi Fisher (1st Whitefield Rainbows, Manchester)
    i can send fire safety,thankyou igot books and badges today,much appreciated,wot badges did you need ?
    Hi, I'm just asking to confirm that you're coming to see 1st Goytre Rainbows and Brownies on 15th April? Thanks, Becky x
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