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  • Last years figures are based mostly on badge sales, with a few peoples amounts raised included. Would be great to know how much each unit raises as well though.
    Thanks for your kind words Jen, they mean a lot!

    I spoke to my MIL last night and she was still high from the day in Clydebank. I seriously wish I'd travelled to my 'home' county for the centenary launch. I hear you met Nancy? She was chuffed to bits. I forgot to tell you my real name and her your user name lol.
    Great to hear they are still with the guides. I remember going to Switzerland with the District and Lesley took her daughter Kayleigh who was about 2 at the time, she must be 18 or so now!
    My mother in law is in Clydebank, she's with the 1st Linnvale Brownies as a UH though was the GiC for years, her name is Nancy Kenny. That's where I worked for my LQ.

    I was a Brownie and Guide in Milngavie though as that's where I'm from originally, I was in the 7th Brownies and the 1st Guides, Lorna Mason was guider then with Lesley Lawrie as her assistant but it was a few years ago now :-)

    Now I'm here in Campbeltown trying my best to bring guiding up to date though I often wonder why I try! I've been here 6 years and DC for almost 18 months and its still a challenge.
    Yes, I went to the Scottish selection weekend. They are all lovely and so full of beans!! We are holding an orientation weekend soon at my local Scout site so we all get to know each other better.
    thanks for you friend request i look forward to chatting with you.
    am a rainbow guider from the west midlands with three children .
    and i work as a teaching Assistant - though im off sick at the moment.
    thank you. it was in the middle of my daughters exams so we all went out for a meal but nothing too full on. it was good though saw friends and family .
    my eldest daughter will be 21 in May so we will have a bigger do then. x
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