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    Weekly Discussion: It’s my first time…

    Okay, maybe I should reword - it was the way we were spoken to which really upset us as leaders, to be barked at is not the way to deal with it - especially in front of other leaders and girls. We had 'put our hand up' and offered to run a song, if the answer was 'I will see if we can squeeze it...
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    Weekly Discussion: It’s my first time…

    Can I just say, if someone offers to run/lead a song for you - please don't turn them down! We had a horrible experience at a campfire where we offered to lead a song and was told 'No, I am in charge of the campfire and I will be leading all the songs' thankfully the Brownies were all...
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a sleepy Guider after Brownie Holiday.... Fire Station tonight though!
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    Help Needed with Filler Activities....

    My starters aren't that structured. We put all the balls/skipping ropes etc out for them to play with, and it's either that or they entertain themselves until Brownie circle!
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    Global Challenge???

    It looks as though it's a Berkshire only initiative, so it may be that she found something similar somewhere else too
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    Claiming on insurance?

    Give HQ a call, they'll be able to answer easily or put you in touch with the right people.
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    Weekly Discussion: It's time to fly over the rainbow....

    Our Brownies jump over the toadstool and get their Brownies was an adventure badge when they leave (They sometimes get a certificate too) I already have enough things to remember without trying to remember to get cards signed for the other Brownies (When you have 8 girls leaving at once for...
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    Has anyone been involved in 'Holiday Guiding'?

    Holiday Brownies Girlguiding Gloucestershire seem to run a successful holiday Brownies group, it might be worth contacting them for some advice.
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    Early years provision

    Beavers can already start from 5 and 3/4 years, so it wouldn't be a massive change.
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    Early years provision

    It's likely that this will be an expansion of 4 - 6 year old 'Squirrels' (Which they already have in Northern Ireland I believe) which they use as a step before Scouting. It's likely they'd only be 1 year before us (Like we're currently a year before them, unless in Northern Ireland where...
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    Weekly Discussion: Strictly Confidential!

    Have you ever seen the Scouting system? You can't even store YP data on there... Go is a fantastic tool!
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    Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?

    I forgot to mention, we have red neckers that we wear for activities out of the meeting place (I.e. Going to Flamingo Land Theme Park or Magna Science Centre etc). As red is quite a common colour, we have a yellow trefoil badge sewn on the back, but also have the unit name tape underneath so...
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    New program and badge placement

    No, it's nice to say 'After all the hard work you've put in, isn't it great that you can decide if you want to wear it on your uniform or keep it in a frame at home where lots of other people will see it?' It's not that we're not 'bothered', but it's that we want them to choose where and how...
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    "What new programme"

    I don't think this will happen - I have Scouts with various levels of skills badges (Musicians for example) and i've never heard that. I'm hoping (And it's been mentioned before) that there will be some sort of recording system brought out - I just hope it's like Online Scout Manager.
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    110 years of Guiding

    Does 110 years really mean much or does it feel like we're having an anniversary for anniversaries sake? (Not to compare the Scouts, but they didn't do anything for it, and their centenary celebrations were much bigger than ours)