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    Charnwood 2019 is coming!! :-)

    Is there a way that we could come for a few days to help out? Neither me nor my partner have the holidays left to take a full week sadly, but our friends are head of international and international programme so we were going to offer a hand for the first few days
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    Not Celebrating Special Days?

    I'm thinking of only doing ones next year which are festivals that we don't celebrate in the UK as standard (For example festivals from unusual religionsthe girls may not have heard of, or national days etc for countries they may not have ever learned anything about)
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    My local Scout group wear neckers of this colour combination, let me send them a message
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a Guider who has just distributed info on the local cinema screening of Mary Poppins to local leaders. We're not near an Odeon, so we've just arranged it with Cineworld ourselves :)
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    camp shop

    How long is the camp? WEekend or week? This affects what you'd sell and how much children/leaders will bring.
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    camp shop

    Honestly? The thing I see kids spending most of their money on in camps is sweets - so have lots
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a Guider who received another Join Us enquiry last night (Well, a direct email!) but who really can't squeeze another girl in.... But in our area girls seem to prefer to sit on my waiting list of 20 in case a space becomes available than go to one of the two other groups within a 1 mile...
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    Weekly Discussion: Presenting badges

    I give them out as they're earned, unless i'm still waiting for them! We're doing lots of badges to use up stock from the old programme currently, so i'm now only ordering what I need from the badge secretary once we have completed it all and I know exactly how many I need to buy!
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    Strategy 2020

    I don’t even understand the way to ‘score’
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    My YL service is incorrect by almost a year, but it's been due since February (But Division only give them out once a year.....) I'm not really massively fussed about arguing over 12 months or so.... Mostly because I have no 'proof'
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I’m a guider who received her 10 years service badge tonight at our AGM
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a Guider who is looking forward to doing Parliament week at Brownies this week! I'm also a Guider looking forward to playing 'How far will the fuel in my tank get me' when I leave work... Could really do with being able to go straight to Brownies rather than via the Petrol Station!
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    To be fair, our Aldi still has hundreds of Kevin's in.....
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    If you do, don't call it Kevin the Carrot - Charities aren't exempt from copyright law.
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    How do I get paid to do this !

    I know that this is technically a Senior Section resource, but it gives just a bit of food for thought for us all when talking about the skills Guiding provides us with: https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/globalassets/docs-and-resources/growing-and-promoting-guiding/guiding-on-your-cv.pdf