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  • were only going for a day to our chalet jus to do a few activites not sure which day yet waititng to hear back from them, you'll have a fab time staying there. im lucky that ive got a good team of leaders to help with the fund raising
    Often, nearer the time they'll have a google group or similar made up for everyone going, and they'll send out the email details. Imagine it'll prob be after Xmas. But on that, there is normally the opportunity to post and say what time you're arriving etc. and try and arrange lifts or shared taxis. They'll certainly mention it when they send out the more information! (Usually along with the picking your options stuff!)

    Btw - if you book the ticket in advance, but at a station not online, you can get the seat reservation but the ticket is still valid on all other trains - so you can 'guess' for the ones you're likely to travel on, but if you miss them, you can still use your ticket, you just don't have a reserved seat! This is what i used to do all the time!
    19.51 will probably be too later for me to give you a lift to accrington, sorry! I don't have my job/rota stuff sorted yet, so there is a chance i'll be going that late, but i probably won't be, and i am not likely to know any time soon! (sorry! not very helpful i know!)

    AS for coming back, that sounds fine. Should be back to preston way by then!

    Before you book specific trains though, will you ctually save any money? Only saying this because for the 18 months i travelled Bristol-Preston, i never booked in advance because advance tickets were never available!! In which case, just get a standard return, because then if you are early/late for the train home it doesn't matter!

    (if they've finally realeased advanced trains for that route, then ignore me!)
    Hello, how are you? It's been far too long! I'm off to centenary camp! xxx
    lets see humm. my little sun burnt friend ( ok not little as I only come up to your shoulder!) R
    Btw, are you coming out in Nottingham for Han's b'day? If so, see you very soon!! :D And are you going to come to Innovate Hellidon? xx
    I want to come! But I can't do everything and I think I may be taking my girls to a big local thing, so we'll have to see! xx
    Ooh, where does it say that? Although it's also the same weekend as my county centenary launch so I'm still in two minds...
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