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  • Yes, I will have a bag - as I am now photographer - and need something for the cameras.
    Flashing neckers I think too, don't you?
    Looking forward to getting them :-)
    See you tomorrow night Mrs Coach Monitor.
    I will see you tomorrow night :-)

    Still waiting for your Fusion badge - so will sort that separately when they arrive.
    Not sure how much the Fusion badges are! They were not officially taking orders when I ordered - be less than £1, probably 50p but will be a surprise when they come :-)
    Mum's doing well. Will bring your camp badge - and your Fusion badge is on order - so will let you have that when I receive them from Trading.

    Will probably see you Saturday.
    Got you a camp badge

    Working on the Fusion ones due to absurdly early sell out.
    Hi Lou, Would love to be a recipient of swaps.

    Pauline in TG is the person co-ordinating Towneley - but if you have piccies and get them to me, I can pass them on. Cant remember her address at the mo.
    Congratulations - your completed leadership book has just reached me.
    I will get you changed over now to show you have completed your ALQ.
    We're all good. we got the card thank you, the girls loved it. I've been away for a month as you know, sio i'm still catching up with things but we'll sort out writing again when things are calmer I am sure.
    Hi, i'm glad you got it ok, i'm not sure about the closing date will find out for you though x
    get in contact with your local blind charity and they will help.
    when i had my white cane training my teacher cam to my brownies and did an evening. she got lots of canes that they could use and helped them understnad.

    anything you need help with on the blind front, let me know!
    hi if you need any help on the blind side of the badge. let me know. i can also send you some braille cards. i can also type the girls first names i can send them to you.
    if so. PM me
    I have to have a chat with the rest of the team, it depends a bit on who we might get for thinking day. I like the idea of it lots x
    Hey yes we did thank you. It's OK, it's not exactly organised here either. I shall get them to write you all in the spring next. Ithink keeping it to once a erm is alot better, more to write about and less pressure on us and cheaper. Talk soon xxxxx
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