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  • Hi, this might seem a little strange but i was just trying to send you a quick message but it wont let it send because your private messages are full. Do you have an email address i can contact you on. Thank you
    Hi, yes please still got the boccia one for you :o) just off to bed but I'll drop you a pm with my address and you can send me back yours, unless you are doing a g2g Bristol or London? Jo
    Hi Sarah, that would be great, I'm down in Cardiff for a couple of days but can sort it out when I get back :O)
    I'm not sure! If you did speak to me, i don't remember so haven't taken offence. It was pretty busy that morning! I recongnised you from your name tag from when i paid for the badge, but i don't think i have any distinguishing features about me. I was wearing leasder uniform and a scotland flag necker.
    I think i saw you in passing at the world conference but didn't get a chance to say hello. I was there on the saturday leading the Britannia tour. Hope you had a good time :) Thanks for by badge!
    your pm box is full. i paypalled you some money but cant message you to reply. yes the owl is pale green with pink/purply bits to him next to the flower.



    I think Bunac cost about £450 pounds in total. (or £429 according to the site! http://www.bunac.org/uk/summercampusa/)

    I have also had orientation in London and an interview there (but they are up and down the country) and the Visa application has to be at the embassy in London. So there is that to consider on top. (I go to Uni in London so this wasn't such a consideration for me as I commute there regularly anyway!)

    Motivate was excellent :0
    And I've had real communication problems recently,
    topping it all off with my phone deleting every text and contact earlier today :@
    typical.......i doubt it fitting through my box so if you post it Thursday could i be cheeky and ask for it first class so it will arrive when i'm in on friday as no one is in on Saturday

    Let me know
    oh right fair enough, i know a few people doing a first aid course that day!
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