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Jul 11, 2013
Apr 21, 2008
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Feb 11, 1978 (Age: 40)
south Birmingham, kitwell
school dinner lady


brownie brown owl, 40, from south Birmingham, kitwell

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Jul 11, 2013
    1. jim
      Its here again Happy Birthday Have a great day
    2. jim
      Happy Birthday
    3. jim
      sarehole mill 21 and 22 may this year
    4. cath_rabbit
      Ah the flag event sounds cool! When is Trefoil House open? I should pop down and have a look...I've been to the shop (and had to restrain from spending a fortune lol) but not been inside Trefoil House itself. I'm GIC of my unit and ran a Rainbow Unit back in Bedford for roughly 10 years. My mum and aunt set it up so I was there from day 1! I loved every minute of it and am loving being back with Guiding again! It was soooooo difficult to get back into it up here! If it hadn't been for the kind person on here that sent my details to Emma, I would probably still be trying to get back involved! My Rainbows are so adorable, got so many exciting things coming up this term! I'm loving the whole Flag raising...do you know where I would get any more info on it? Or maybe I'll just wait for the email :-). How long have u been involved with Guiding? Have u always been in Brum?
      Cath :-)
    5. cath_rabbit
      Flag raising in town?? Tell me more! Lol I've only been with my unit since sept and don't know many brummie guiding folk yet...hoping to make a few more contacts this year as it seems that the brummie guiding community is great and fairly vast :-)
    6. cath_rabbit
      I'm Cath from 6th Birmingham Rainbows in Harborne :-)
      I love this site, it's so helpful! And if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't be back with Rainbows...so I'm v grateful :-). I love my little Rainbows!
      What ru guys doing for thinking day?
    7. brownie_owl
      HOORAY! postman arrived at 1.30pm and he had your beautiful card complete with money and sae!! wooo... will pop it back in post for you - have a great xmas! x
    8. falkland1
      Not yet mariag. I will let you know when it arrives. meantime have a lovely Christmas
      Bev x
    9. brownie_owl
      hi - any monies recevied i always send badges out - i havent had any for a week or so??
    10. newbe
      I have still not recieved badge yet!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11. Broken.Owner
      not logged into the emails yet today. will let you know.
    12. Broken.Owner
      have you double checked the email address as i've not missed any emails out - actually put falkland1 on twice before realising both our mistakes. i haven't had an email from you, so it def hasn't arrived.
    13. Smudge
      Thanks - i am sorry it didnt arrive - but it sorta makes me feel better about all the badges I have sent that havent arrived :( I bet the postal workers are doing a roaring trade in guide badges :) I think we organised it through FB cos my box here was full so I will check there and message you after I have my nap - i need my sunday afternoon nap!
    14. paigan
      Hi Mariag
      im really sorry that ive only this min seen your message i hope that you
      got to see the display in the library sorry to have missed you it would
      have been great to have had a coffee and a chat Paigan
    15. littlerainbow
      Tea towel posted today.
    16. twinkletwinklestar
      Thanks very much :) big grin!
    17. Little Pixie Owl
      Little Pixie Owl
      No I am over 18, I'm 19 - Assistant Brownie Leader. But when I came to the area with uni, I was a ranger before I found a unit to be leader at and just stayed that way on census I think.
    18. Little Pixie Owl
      Little Pixie Owl
      No I never got an invite to the garden party :( - it seems I'm only down as a ranger on go for this area, that might be why. No we're just going for the day but not many seem interested currently. I may be camping/going as staff not sure yet.
    19. Little Pixie Owl
      Little Pixie Owl
      Hi, I'm with Ladywood division; 40th Birmingham Brownies and Ladywood Rangers. Are you taking any to Party in the Park?
    20. annj
      Hi brownowl its snowy from your unit, lol plz reoly
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    Feb 11, 1978 (Age: 40)
    south Birmingham, kitwell
    school dinner lady
    Guide Section/Role:
    brown owl-brownies
    3 daughters all in guiding and scouts

    knitting/crafts,card making, scrapbooking, collecting patches



    please help my daughter with a wacky 100 challenge;
    http://www.http://www.guiders.co.uk... any that i dont have within my collection :D