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    Role changes on GO!

    That's not what I can see and I've just added someone as an Assistant Leader now that they have finished 1-3 of LQ.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I've watched the e-learning again and I didn't see anything about having to be in this size groups. When you look through the skills builder cards there are lots of them that the girls need to divide into 3 or 4 groups for part of the activity and you couldn't do this if you have only got 3...
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    Question? Pack Holiday Venues in and around Berkshire

    You are only allowed to take a maximum of 24 girls for your assessment. From the website: To be assessed for any module of the Going Away With Scheme, you'll need to take away a minimum of six girls (so that they can work in two small groups) and a maximum of 24 girls.
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    Minimum number for TSS Permit

    I contacted HQ asking this and the answer is that the minimum of 4 is including the person being assessed, so herself and 3 others.
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    Child Disappeared off Go

    Contact your County Join Us Co-ordinator. She will be able to look at Join Us for the whole County and see if she is still there. Maybe the parent changed the unit selection.
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    Old guide trefoil badges

    I've got a Red and Blue if you are interested (£1 each plus p&P).
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    Question? What's the best promise activity you've done with your girls?

    Have a look at 2nd Kingsbridge Guides website. We did a number of their promise and law activities at Guides.