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    Don't do as I do, do as I say?

    The only concern I have is the amount of time that it may take on go keeping all the details up to date with how many hours of each topic each child has done. Even if you keep a tally and do it termly or half termly it's could be quite time consuming. (Two hours a week my eye!) I freely admit, I...
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    Has anyone tried the following Scottish challenges?

    We did the oceans challenge a couple of years ago with guides. It fitted in with an aquarium sleepover and a fishing themes farm to fork Tesco trip. We quite liked it a lot although we tweaked bits to suit us. The current experiments were good fun. (I can't remember if this was a tweaked bit) we...
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    Weekly Discussion: Sash(ay) away

    Standardised placement on anything other than a sash would be great!
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    Accounting Years

    Ours run January to December, but it seems everyone else in our Division/District runs with the academic year. If that's what suits you and it's okay with your auditor change. There is enough stress at this time of year without adding accounts into the muddle.
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    Weekly Discussion: Craft, Materials, and the Environment (oh my!)

    We had a contact for book folding, we got a regional Avon rep to give us leftover catalogues so it was painfree! I couldn't bring myself to do it otherwise.
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    Brownie Hen Night

    Chocolate game with a charity shop wedding/bridesmaid dress and net curtain veil Kiss the frog ( like pin the tail on the donkey but with a large picture of a frog) Left/right pass the parcel Second the toilet paper wedding dresses We got them to write some relationship advice cards for a happy...
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    Poacher 2017

    We're all only on from Saturday. They won't let us on, on Friday this time which is a nuisance. We're relatively local so it was nice to be on and set up before the girls arrived. Hope the weather gets better though!
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    Third discussion .2 Best residential recipe

    The strangely named Manhattan Crunch. A dollop of strawberry angel delight with a spoonful of cornflakes mixed with golden syrup and a little bit of butter. It sounds weird but tastes great.
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    Camp mugs

    Random question alert! Does anyone know of anywhere that will personalise plastic mugs for camp? Some of our leaders have melamine type mugs with their names printed on, but our local place doesn't do that any more. I thought it would be nice for our younger leaders and YLs as they were...
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    Challenge Badge

    Passion 4 Fashion G4I?
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    Completing GFI's

    We used to be like Fenris was, with the sessions throughout the term. Total disaster and everyone hated them, no one remembered to bring anything or what they were supposed to be doing, yet for some reason we persisted with that system for years... We've moved to having a 4-5 week block, and...
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    District Event

    It's a bit harder to wrangle activities that all sections can do, but it's not horrendously so. Our district does quite well on that front, but it really helps to get all section leaders involved in planning to get a measure of what the different groups are cabable of, though there are always...
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    Emergency Hallowe'en party!

    Just to maximise the mess (we have a nice big kitchen with a lovely wipeable lino floor in our defence) we go straight from apple bobbling into the get the sweetie from the flour game with no drying of the face...
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    Leaders joining in activities

    As others have said, I feel it depends on the activity and on the age of your group. We normally supervise crafts and cooking so aren't really doing (but usually get a bit of cake/pizza etc in payment). We try and get leaders to join in on some games and on things like high ropes. I think...
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    Whitworth park camp house in the north east

    Google tells me that there is a Durham Camp House, in Whitworth Park, Spennymoor. Could this be it? http://www.girlguidingdurhamsouth.org.uk/media/download_gallery/Camphouse%20Booklet-November%202014.pdf