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Aug 15, 2016
Jul 5, 2008
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Veteran (100+ posts), from Leicestershire

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Aug 15, 2016
    1. popcorn
      double check and let me know.
    2. popcorn
      Hmmmm, I know I've sent you them. They went yesterday but me having not cashed the cheque is not like me. I'm off to search the computer desk for it. Pooh and I'm usually so good with them. Preggy brain!
    3. Sarah
      we usually go to topstones with the brownies, are booked in again for august next year and braving taking hte guides camping in tents for the first time in may.
    4. Sarah
      quite near to each other then
      ash lodge is going to be around for a while as nothing much is moving in the property line.
      how was sleeping over there?:sleeping:
      I've never braved it as it's always been freezing:xmas-smiley-035: when I've been for evening meetings:gossip:
    5. Sarah
      Hi Molly
      someone else from Leicestershire
      nice to meet you
    6. popcorn
      Not so busy as you'd think. Having bought the new machine a while back it machines them up quite quick and as long as I edge alot they go out quickly too. Not sure which hexagonal one you on about but they can have the year added and the trefoil changed accordingly. Just send an order in and I'll get on the job.
    7. milly
      one patrol at my unit have been given! the teamwork GFI, what do your Guides enjoy doing for that one, mine struggle with teamwork. Any help would be appreciated.
    8. popcorn
      They will cost £1 each I'll post what they look like on the little help with a badge design thread. Order form is in the download section with details of where to send it etc. You need to decide what colour edge you would like the badge to have.
    9. molly
      I would like 20 badges . Wording '1st Newbold Verdon Rainbows'
      Picture of a Rainbow over a trefoil if poss. If not - just a rainbow.
      Approx.6cm square. Don't mind what colour background etc. - going on a white hat.
      I can get a cheque straight off to you if you can do it. The trip is actually 20th but I need time to sew them on (& sewing not my strong point!)
      Hope you can help but if not just let me know - I understand how busy you must be.
    10. popcorn
      depends on what you want. give me more details and I'll be able to tell you. I need info like what you want on the badge, pic wording, number of badges . Ordering for 15h Sept is going to be rather tight so I'd need all this info quick plus the cheque before the weekend.
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