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    Sharing a double airbed

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    New Programme - Discuss!

    We're planning on doing a Roundabout badge when we start back in September and will possibly introduce some Uma's not intending starting Skill Builder until after Half Term at the earliest. We have training coming up early October and although I think I've got my head around it, we're not...
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    Summer to do list

    Continue working for the next 3 weeks and take a complete break from Guiding if I can. Then off on holiday for a week, taking 4 of my grandchildren in a caravan. Once back I'll be back to work and that's when I'll be meeting up with leaders from the 3 units I'm involved with to look at the new...
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    Sorting guides into tents for camp

    More often than not they find out once at camp, this year however because we'd had changes of participants followed by last minute drop outs it hadn't been decided. We only had 7 girls attend(half of number we usually take) plus some 9+ Brownies. We said Brownies would all be in one tent and...
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    Taking over a rainbow unit

    We do badges, maybe 3 possibly 4 a year max and girls do enjoy getting them, but it's good for them to learn that they don't always get a badge. Having said that I'm looking forward to new programme with the various badges that will be available to the Rainbows....
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    Taking over a rainbow unit

    We do various trails indoors and outdoors, we've done street trails where they have to answer questions, scavenger hunts where they have to find things(these can be things they tick off on a sheet). We've done simple wide games in the park and a small local wooded area. We're going den building...
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    Taking over a rainbow unit

    Favourite things to do with Rainbows - not too many crafts!!! Don't be drawn into - we need to take something home every week. Our girls love trails and simple wide games, singing and dancing.
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    Early years provision

    Some friends who are Beaver Leaders have said they wouldn't like to see the age for Beavers any lower than it is at present and have said that in our area it would be difficult recruiting leaders for a new section as they have problems recruiting for the sections that already exist.
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    Re thinking adventurous activities

    By the time our girls leave primary school most have done all the 'adventurous' activities at PGL. We now try to do other things with them, last year we did whittling, they set and followed trails, made and used buddy burners among other things.. they loved it. This year we're planning a wide...
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    I'm a Guider who having returned from a 'girlie' long weekend in Wales on Tuesday evening is off on Guide Camp this weekend.
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    What are you doing/done in your units this week? Part 4

    We did the Future Girls activities at Guides last night and like your girls badgemad4 they seemed to enjoy it - we could have done with longer as the girls felt rushed with some of the activities. At both Rainbow units we are also doing the Future Girl activities.
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    Weekly Discussion: Phasing the new program

    With Rainbows will start new programme at beginning of new academic year - doesn't seem to be any reason not to. Guides we are more likely to phase in as we have girls on Baden Powell at the moment - will wait until we see the new programme in it's entirety before we make a decision on exactly...
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    Idea! Best activities for the summer term

    Some of Rainbows suggestions that we have incorporated include den building, baking, treasure hunt, picnic and wide game(not what they called it - was a rather long explanation). Guides have programmed in a challenge night, firelighting, patrol cooking competition, scavenger hunt and they've...
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    Question? Today's random question

    You are correct Batty Owl, it's the same on GO as on training site - I've done it few times.
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    First two grandchildren talking just as 'Wrecking Ball' came on radio.... very appropriate.