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  • hiya!
    did you evaluate the Plan CTW project?
    I'm going to get a badge through our unit one, just didn't want to evaluate it myself if you already had!
    I'm sure it will be accepted....I wanted to start a thread on here to say well done and let everyone know, but thought that you would want to- didn't want to stael your thunder, so to speak.....if you haven't though, I will if you want me to!!! Again congratulations, I had a few goes, but art is not my strong point, cn just about do stick men and manga faces, but not even them well!!! can't wait to hear the results of the duke's " perusal".........I wait patiently :):):)
    Hi Phillipa!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I see your badge has been submitted for approval by the Duke of Rutlnd for the launch event?! Well done you!!!

    Love Sari x x x
    He may need a waterproof for shore leave as I don't think anyone would want to wear oilies for longer than they have to. Glad I could help. Just message if you need more info/ideas.
    mmmmmm probably a nice pair of sailing gloves and a journal. They lend oilies (yellow waterproofs) and wellies. You need plenty of layers so you can't go wrong with fleeces. Don't buy an expensive gore-tex as the sea salt will block the pores and ruin it.

    I didn't really buy anything for my trip apart from a duffle bag as you have to put your bag under your mattress as their is no storage.

    Maybe a small torch as the lights are off most of the day with people sleeping ready for night watches. I found it useful to have an assortment of cotton bags and stuff sacks to put all of my clothes in, in my locker. You often have to find your clothes in the dark so I could feel each bag and know what was in it. I often got my clothes ready and put them in a bag at the front of my locker to save waking people up rummaging for clothes.

    Hope that helps
    Hi Phillipa
    How are you. Was coming in to the shop today but can not have a very bad cough and sor throat. By the way what is a centery champion and are you going to county weekend next year.
    Diana Grieve
    I think it was cause it was in the middle of an activity session and our leaders were nowhere to be found!
    Hi Phill - hope you're ok. Father Eastwood was asking if you were ok the other day. We haven't seen him for a while but he popped over for a chat the other week. We're fine. We didn't go to the Big Gig in the end but I think it was enjoyed by all those who did go. WaterAid was chosen by the division as the charity to support so we're going with that rather than picking our own. we've already started a little bit but it will pick up after Christmas I think. Church Parade service was dedicated to it with posters up all over the church from all the Brownie packs which was nice - ours was great!! :o)
    Lou's new pack has started well. I'm her assistant at that so it's Brownies twice a week now :o/ I can't complain, you know I love it! The newest thing that you will like is our new neckers!! yes they have finally arrived. Blue with a yellow stripe and red stripe round the edges, a colour for each section. Both mine and Lou's pack will be wearing them so it ties us together nicely. First outing for them is Remembrance Parade so it should look great!! :o) How is your dad getting on? I saw him on the list of people retiring from the Uni this year. Take care x
    sorry for not responding to your message - i feel bad now. Im studying Systems Engineering and in forest district:)
    Hi Phillipa,
    Have starting making but not finished brownie website the same as the one you got,
    let you know how i getting on. By the way when do you work in the HQ shop,
    I go in sometimes going in tomorrow afternoon.
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