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    Weekly Discussion: A single image

    I think the current range is good, and I am totally sympathetic to the fact that every leader is going to be a in different financial situation, so it's important to offer affordable choices, and not demand a complete wardrobe. Personally, I don't like the white polo shirt. I think the very...
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    Leader names

    While I'm Brown Owl at Brownies, I'm now Kiwi at Rainbows! I suggested Kookaburra, as I'm Australian, but they decided that was too hard for them to remember!
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    110 years of Guiding

    In our district our two Guide units are both 100 this year. My Brownie unit is 10!
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    New program and badge placement

    I'm presuming that the program doesn't include changing six or patrol set up. We suggest that girls put their badges on their hoodie, the placement totally up to them of course - but as they make their promise I explain that the promise badge goes on the left (as per guidelines), and that it's...
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    "What new programme"

    It's given me a bit more of a feel for it, and as a DC I want to be sure I can help my leaders to embrace and develop it too! I just want to see bits of it! I guess I'm a visual learner ;-)
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    "What new programme"

    I didn't know about that either, and a bit of googling for it brought me to the training resources page: Programme training resources That might be the PowerPoint you're referring to, as well as other supporting documents.
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    "What new programme"

    And being part of a leader is being involved in your district meetings, so you must hear of these things there too. There is also an element of communications from HQ that are essential for the running of girl guiding as a whole, so we'll still get emails that are not marketing based.
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    11-year-old Brownies

    That's really insane - taking new girls at the beginning of each term makes much more sense. Surely only a term is planned at a time?
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    Weekly Discussion: No awakeovers on our watch

    Talking about Brownie holidays; I make it clear from the first parent meeting that bedtime is going to be strictly observed, and that we won't be impressed if we are forced to stay up because of misbehaviour. I also lay down the law about multiple toilet visits while trying to go to sleep. I...
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    Weekly Discussion: Who makes the cut, selection of six/patrol leads

    We choose the Sixer and Seconds in our unit, which is a combination of the eldest and most experienced. But I am about to implement a change to our system, whereby they have to prove that they are worthy before they get the badge. I'm creating a checklist/certificate for them to earn their role...
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    Discussion V: Branding, has it worked?

    The bit about starting before their 21st birthday is the old information surely?
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    Activities at Brownies..How much do you tell the parents?

    If our parents put their name down on our parent rota spreadsheet, then they'll know what our term programme is, although there are times when we switch things around because something wasn't ready to go for example. Towards the end of term I tend to give them reminder emails about things...
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    New programme resources

    That’s what I’m hoping for.
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    New programme resources

    We did the agility badge in one meeting!
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    New programme resources

    We do too, using common sense, as long as there is a good challenge. Some of the current badges are quite inconsistent with each other with the level of work that needs to be done anyway. And of the 50, some just don't lend themselves to being done in unit time at all, or are of no interest to a...