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    Weekly Discussion: There must be some kind of way out of this…

    There are always circumstances when a role or roles become incompatible with your personal circumstances and we should never try to battle on if it is to our or our families detriment. But I think we have to be honest with those around us, fellow leaders, commissioners etc about what the real...
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    I'm a ... guider part 60

    That's really not good news but what is good is that they've identified it and have a treatment plan. Wishing you all the best...
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    Weekly Discussion: Sorry babe can't do tonight now xx

    I don't think it's just Guiding, I think society as a whole puts a lessor emphasis on honour and keeping your word. so giving back word on a commitment is more acceptable because you are able to do so via text, email etc. Think back to the days that you had to speak to your boss to call in...
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    Pins and Needles!

    You could still organise badge days or events where girls could get the opportunity to pick one or two badges from a small selection. There would still need to be significant input from the girls
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    Pins and Needles!

    I like the general idea though that some topics in the new programme lend themselves by being presented by, if not experts, people who more about a topic than the leaders. I was thinking about getting some students to be a STEM hit squad and your colleagues could be the same. I think as long...
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    Weekly Discussion: Buy cheap buy twice?

    It's worth asking parents or other leaders for things like paper, I have reams of old letterhead paper from work to use as scrap for guides because we've moved offices or rebranded.. For equipment like hammers etc that may get used more frequently in the future it may be worth talking to others...
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    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    Yes, that would be the ideal but sadly that's not always possible...so areas don't have people with that profile, sometimes the more experienced leaders step in and maybe their experience isn't as up to date as we'd like but more often people just don't offer to do anything beyond their unit.
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    Period Pains!?!?!?!

    I would say it is part of the leaders trying to be positive and proactive about period pains. Many young girls do 'suffer' bad period pains and if this helps the conversation about them, the girls knowing that theye can be open about them without embarressment with the leadership team then all...
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I understood and was told on a training that skills builders done in one section will not count towards a theme badge in the next. But really how often will this actually happen ? What are the chances of Brownie moving into Guides and doing the self same SB within say 6 to 12 months? Any longer...
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    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    I think the 'safe space' aspect and the 'safeguarding' aspect get confused. Everyone needs to understand the importance of providing a safe space for our members, allowing some element of risk in our activities (lighting matches, building fires) but understanding how to control those risks and...
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    New member

    Welcome to the mad house and good luck with the little yellow ones..
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    Welcoming Volunteers

    I think the general advice is keep it simple, no need to go in to a lot of detail until you have scoped out what she is interested in and why she has volunteered. Then you can tailor the options accordingly. Don't go promising lots of training and adventures unless you can fulfil that, but do...
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    Weekly Discussion: A marker of taste?

    I think in recent years there have been to many badges produced, both nationally, locally and commercially, to the extent the ones that girls do work for and gain are lost in a fog of 'I've been to this event or that event' or 'I was in Guiding when this, that and the other happened'. I can...
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    When it comes down to it, it all comes down to budgeting. They have less to spend on the 'fun' things. You can't please all the people all of the time
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    Adding Skill Builders to GO

    No, because a girl may be missing that evening or your plans may change..