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  • Hi! Thanks for the welcome! My Guides choose Bubbles as my guide name (hence the ...err...bubbles). I'm impressed you can see my uniform in the avatar- I keep thinking it look the same as the others!
    Indeed! I suppose that could be the next question - what can you use a saucepan for other than cooking? Everything, again....?
    Oops, I hadn't considered the implications of badger-in-a-saucepan.... hopefully no-one will think I'm advocating boiling badgers! Although, technically if the manual doesn't say you can't... right? :-P And I'm pretty sure you *could* cook a guider in a saucepan - hopefully you *wouldn't* cook a guider at all, but if you were going to I guess a saucepan would be as effective as any other method...
    Thanks. I recieved your paypal, but it has charged me (it does with anything marked as a payment for goods!)

    Would you mind if i refunded you and you then resent it as a personal payment?

    (Tried to PM, but your box is full!)
    I tried to message you about the Pembs centenary badges, but your inbox is full! You can pay by paypal if you like.
    Let me know when you have room in your inbox for a message :)
    I tried to reply to your pm but your inbox is full! I want to swap the welsh badge - might have a Div camp badge to swap for the other one soon.
    Hello very sorry that my inbox was full have tried to sort it out now so how can i help you?

    Thank you for the badge it arrived yesterday :)
    Hello! I noticed that, that's why I added you...sorry meant to send a 'hello' message with it but managed to click the wrong button!
    I'm with 1st Malpas Rangers & 7th Malpas Rainbows (Newport)
    How's the new term going with your girls?
    Ang (aka Kingfisher to the girls)
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