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  • Hi Sarah are there any specific rules you apply to your husband when you go away. i gather they must be kept separate from the girls when dressing washing etc.
    are the girls told these rules? also gic has a daughter who is a guide pl with us do i need to ask her to adhere to same rules regarding uh as the brownies even though he is step dad.
    had great time - went around Easter both times and never had problems with cold. With being fully equipped it makes it easier when only going for 1 night. An ideal place for Rainbows as it is close for parents to drop off & collect (within the silly 24 hour limit!) We are only about 4 miles away.
    Also walked them down to Scallywags for an hour of indoor play so we got a rest!
    Not far from you really - Bardon Division (live in Newbold Verdon). Have prob. met at some time without knowing!
    I've been a Rainbow Guider for 18 years & Guide Guider for nearly 3 years.
    Had some great Rainbow sleepovers at Ash Lodge - but hear it is being sold off!! What a shame!
    Maybe I shouldn't but my level of disorganisation is very hard to hide so I might as well be honest.
    yep i will be in a hoody with a wolly hat on. thank you i wasnt to sure about it. i want another guiding weeme but i cant make them i tryed. and i wasnt to sure that i got the ink right. but its now there.

    how are you?
    Hi Sarah
    Your outfits not bad either, nice legs :D
    Thinks we've got the mail thing sorted now thank you.

    My picture is of me after camps, Numpty is BP Challange Coordinater & GiC as well as my wife and her QM, Being male I dont stay on camp to often (to much aggro) so up at 5 drive to sites, back home by midnight, in bed by 1, up at 5 and so on, may have to updated pic after the Essex Jamboree week :chef::sleeping:

    Thats one of my chickens, named Cheep, she's very friendly and felt a bit left out on our wedding day, so came home to say hello and show her how pretty I looked in my dress, she just had to sit on my shoulder!
    She is one of my ex-brownies
    this is the cartoonised version of a picture taken on a trip to London for the Queens 80th trooping of the colour
    she can also be found on the website www.5brownies.co.nr with another of my still current brownies making her promise.
    must get around to updating the website
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