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  • Cheers will send it when I'm on my laptop not my phone. It's takes too long to type on here!
    :D I really hope you can come. You got another good month before even putting down a deposit for it, so plenty of time to figure it out. If you're still unsure when it comes out, put your name down and if you find you really can't do it later on then there is always a reserves list. :) Really hope you decide to come! :D
    Aww, I just read through our old converstations on here! :) We're a bit odd, I have to say.
    Ooooh, holidays!!! Major excitements then! :D I'm visiting my Grandma Peg, not quite as exciting but I'm sure she'll tell me some interesting stories, or maybe the same ones I've been hearing all my life... lol. Nah, I'm a good grandaughter and she needs a visit cos it's been 2 weeks since the last.
    Where are you going then? How long for? I can guess you're in UK because usually the sea is warm apart from the UK. Heehee.
    Hehe I'm using my normal keyboard so I don't even have that excuse! I guess I'll just have to fall back on one of those fail-proof excuses like "It must be because it's a day that ends in a 'y'" or something like that.... because clearly that's a perfectly good explanation for writing about 'vanishing' crafts instead of 'varnishing' them, yes?!
    Thank you for making me smile! It's nice to see I'm not the only one with "special" typing abilities! :D
    Happy zombie day for me.
    I'll admit that there are people that you get along with better, it could be the same sense of humour, travelling, activities or badges that link you together more than with other people.
    However, everyone does get along with each other. We're not a scary bunch (maybe just a bit loopy!) and everyone is welcome. It's very similar to the forum in that everyone is accepted and everyone is valued. A g2g just includes a lot more laughs, more alcohol (if you enjoy it) and strengthing the bonds you've made on here.
    I knew I was getting grumpy on Saturday, so I went off for a snooze all afternoon. Others did crate stacking and some sat around sewing on their badges.
    It's quite odd really. It's a tiring weekend, but so relaxing too. It's awesome to be able to sit down with a bunch of "friends" that appreciate your geeky guideyness. Heehee.
    Midlands would be good for me too. Not too far away, but enough to be a good weekend.
    :) Saw your post on G2G8 thread. Hello my wibbly friendle. This friendle would be up for the G2G Midlands too. Would be soooooooo much fun!! :D Loves. xxxxx
    I'm a plonker. Wrote this on my wall yesterday....
    sliceofrice - Yesterday

    Huggles. That's ok, you can work up to it.
    I quite liked my CBT. Found it really useful. It's just changing how you see and do things. Mine was simple things like making sure I got up, washed dressed and did my daily chores. It then progressed to other harder things. Also gave me someone to talk to when I just wanted a chat about this or that. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for it.
    I'll keep smiling as long as you do too chickadee. xxxxxx
    :) I am thankies.
    Had a little blip few weeks ago, nothing major, just a bit of blip. I think it runs vertical to certains happenings in my life though, which is intersting.
    HUGGLES. :)
    Do lots of breathing exercises. Maybe get the kids singing? Huggles. I'm sure you'll be fine. Sit at the front so you don't spew, and if you do then you can rest your eyes the rest of the journey. :)
    yfs. xxx
    If you join 'myfitnesspal' add me as a friend... i'm kerstee. Me and Alex are friends and you can see what excersize people are doing, if they're eating too many calories and how much weight you've lost!! Heehee, we can spy on each other!
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