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Apr 22, 2011
Jan 14, 2008
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May 8
near the sea, but not close enough!


The Doctor (5000+ posts), from near the sea, but not close enough!

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Apr 22, 2011
    1. jim
      its come round again Happy Birthday have a great day
    2. RedcarBlonde
      hello there i am doing my holiday licence this year themed around chocolate and i saw on guiders.co.uk website that you had some ideas etc based around chocolate do you still have this or not??
    3. jim
      happy birthday smudge
    4. MarthaFmF
      your inbox is full...could you please pm with more info about the woggles???
    5. sliceofrice
      Your inbox is full m'dear.

      Hi Smudge,

      I'm just wondering if there's any chance you have some of your Centenary Woggles left? I managed to lose my at G2G7 and I really want another one. :(

      Hope you're well.

    6. RainbowC
      Hi Smudge - just tried to PM you about the stargazer resource, but your inbox is full!
    7. Broken.Owner
      your pm box is full. :) do some clearing girl!!! hehe ;)

      have used fb instead.
    8. manateelover90
      hey your aus order is still sitting here waiting for you (just a little poke really) total to pay is on the origional post and you should have recieved an email with my details on for payment. =]
    9. brownie_owl
      With reference to the 50p coin badge, I now have them, so if you would be kind enough to either send your money as soon as possible or let me know if you no longer want the badges.

      If I havent had payment by 1st December, I will assume you no longer want badge and will offer to people on reserve list.

      They are lovely badges!

      Many Thanks

      I cannot send pm s u r full!! :)
    10. jellycan
      Your inbox is full and was just wondering if you've had any more thoughts on G2G7 in Yorkshire
    11. fabshep
      I'm intrested in your resource for the Stargazer Badge. Please could you email over the resource if you don't mind

      Sam x
    12. Lisa MTT
      Lisa MTT
      Yet another message from someone moaning that your mailbox is full!

      Do you still want one of the flowery Growing for 100 Years badges? I'm starting to work through the waiting list now. Do please let me know.

      many thanks

      Lisa x
    13. Chamilandu aka Elf owl
      Chamilandu aka Elf owl
      hi smudge your inbox is full!

      just wondering whats happened to the badges you were supposed to be sending me as swaps?

      a fusion one and the saltire challenge badge?

      if you could let me know whats happened i would be very grateful since i sent you the badges as swap months ago


    14. Chamilandu aka Elf owl
      Chamilandu aka Elf owl
      hi smudge

      just wondered if you had posted my badges yet? fusion and saltire challenge ones?

    15. Rosella
      No worries hun,

      Hope you are feeling/getting better.

      I move 2 wks today so am trying to tie up all my fundraising before then.

      Take care x
    16. Rosella
      Hi Smudge,

      Sorry to be a pain but did you send SAE for one of my badges? Still have you on my list as interested but no recorded of receiving & dispatching.

      YIG, Rosella.
    17. mariag
      ur pm box is full -
      i dont have original message any more so i cant remember what was sent with the hat badge- but i'll keep u one of these back and send it out if u let me have your addy again :)
    18. Chamilandu aka Elf owl
    19. Chamilandu aka Elf owl
      Chamilandu aka Elf owl
      hi just wondered if my badges had been posted yet?

    20. jolito
      Your Inbox is stuffed full! :(
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    May 8
    near the sea, but not close enough!
    Guide Section/Role:
    Assitant Brownie Guider
    love guiding, music and camping

    Music, various crafts - quilting being my lastest obsession, camping, reading


    Give me a woman who can climb the highest mountain, Give me a woman who can swim across the widest sea, Women need women who lead lives of boldest daring, Tell me their stories they inspire me

    Collecting centenary and thinking day badges if anyone wants to swap :)
    I have centenary woggles for sale - pm me for details! http://www.guiders.co.uk/centenary-2010/15402-centenary-woggles.html