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  • Hi , I liked your idea of an Olivia beetle drive game. Im unable to access the link to the SW guiding site for the template, could you upload it or email it to me?


    Hi can you help looking to find rainbow uniforms to colour in from around the world .Really Mexico i am looking for
    Hi I've just received a chq which i assume is from you - is your surname Nutley?
    If the chq is yours, many thanks. I will send the badge out to you as soon as
    popcorn sends them out to me
    EH? How did you know I was on ebay?
    I was buying a walking guide book.

    Can't remember last time I was on GGUK forum - the format puts me off. Is Emu still as prolific as ever?
    I told myself not to come on the forum for a couple of days or do any Guiding stuff.

    Succeeded with the former. Then spent two days solid getting on with my Walking Scheme stuff and fiddling with some Time Travel Challenge sheets (you know how I like to tweak).

    I feel bad now, 'cause while you were withdrawing from Ebay, I've been on buying bits and bobs....sorry Squirrel.
    Squirrel, what were you giving up for lent?
    It should have been ebay!

    I think you should try to abstain from ebay for a week or two as a detox and then we'll talk some more, lol.

    Dr B
    Hi Squirrel-Nutkin

    Sorry, only just checked my messages! I'm over near Sevenoaks so not in your division. Our census was £15 plus £1 for our division but that probably doesnt help you much.
    Well done on being a "Top Poster".
    You really need to give yourself a rest before you completely burn out, lol!
    Hi Jeannete,

    I sent you an email in reply to your request for badges yesterday but it sounds like it's not got through so here it is again for you.


    "Hi Jeanette,

    Can you just confirm you mean Region Standards? The ones in question would be:
    South West England
    North East England
    North West England

    If so I have them all and have put them to one side for you. On another note entirely (or not so entirely as I just spotted your PS!), thank you for sending the Rainbow uniform. It arrived yesterday which was beautifully timed as we were setting up the display today. How about I send these badges as the donation to the unit? Rather than you sending me money and me sending some back! Would that be okay with you?

    Let me know if that's enough for the uniform. If it is then I'll send out the badges tomorrow and pop the tenner into our funds for them.
    Anne "
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