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  • Hi, thanks for you pm, I cant reply as your inbox is full! I will definatly be ordering some badges. Will you be posting on here when the badges are ready to be sent out?
    Daniela x
    can i cahnge my order to 1 rainbow 2 brownie 1 guide 1 ss and 2 leader please. thankyou pm me when you want paying :] x
    if you have any a rainbow brownie guide ss and leader ill take one of each but 2 leaders please and could i pay cash? thankuou xx
    Thanks. Hopefully we will do this this year- I'll see what the Guides say
    Hi Emma
    Question about your Pennies for Pudsey Challenge- do I let you know how much we raise for your records or are your figures based only on the badge sales?
    back from camp sorry for the delay in answering will send my address tomorrow :)
    Hi. Hope you are feeling better. Can you let me know if you have posted the badges yet? If not can you let me know when you will be posting them so that I won't be looking out for the postman every day. I think he is begining to feel that I may be stalking him!!!
    many thanks
    Looking forward to getting the pennies for pudsey badges. My girls really enjoyed our challenge evening. Thanks and good luck with the rest of your QG.
    hiya- are u still after the rainbow friends badges, coz i managed to get 2 this morning from the brum depo
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