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    Charnwood 2019 is coming!! :-)

    I know they have day/overnight rates so I am sure you can. There is a booking bit on the website that you should be able to put what you want and can do on
  2. Tregi

    camp shop

    Ooh glow sticks!!! Anything neon, wrist bands etc go well if there are discos.
  3. Tregi

    camp shop

    Ice creams and ice poles!!! Boucy ball Uv paint/makeup for older giels Plastic mugs Water bottles?
  4. Tregi

    New Programme - Discuss!

    I have heard a rumour that it will be re-branded, as won't be just for 'The Senior Section' but also Rangers. It may be refreshed as well.
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    New Programme - Discuss!

    I would think it will stay up to a higher age range as it is a commonwealth award, achievable by any member of a Commonwealth country, who have different age sections, so will probably follow the 'young person' age limits.
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    Starting girls before the minimum age?

    The general rule is that you are a member by your second meeting - so they should be 5 for the second meeting. This allows for a taster session before (but they should be 5. If anything was to happen, then Guiding could struggle to back you if they are underage.
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    Irked about ratios

    Adult to child ratios is ratios in the meeting place/away from for activities, not residentials. The line about the lowest ratio for mixed groups isn't there, it just mentions about volunteers children.
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    Irked about ratios

    Firstly, Going on residentials is what you need to look at, And secondly, nope, ratios for each sections, so 2 adults for rainbows, and 1 per 6 for brownies.
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    New Programme resource funding

    you probably only 1 or 2 skills builders, (which you can copy for unit use) and the UMA's to start with.
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    Girlguiding survey: new uniform for YLs

    18, then either leader or unit helper
  11. Tregi

    Girlguiding survey: new uniform for YLs

    No, ranger if both, yl if not.
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    UMAs in Guiding Magazine

    It might not be until all the posted ones are sent out (they do them over a week or two)
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    YLQ or LQ - overlap?

    I would agree with MiniMoates - as a ALQ co-ordinator - also adding the fact that you cannot complete the ALQ until you turn 18 (and become an adult) then it would be a long time to wait, whereas she can do the YLQ, then start the ALQ when she wants, knowing she will have to wait to 18, but...
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    New Interest Badges

    1 girls has brought in the first section of Media Critic (Guides) to 'check it was right before doing the others'. I let all the guides know she had done this, and one asked 'can I do them all?'!!!!
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    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    If it help, you can message me about any issues/understanding whilst waiting for a mentor.