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    HELP! Need to know a song title!

    We used to do 'down by the river of the hanky panky where the bullfrogs leap from bank to banky' with a similar ending
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    "What new programme"

    I think the idea is that although we need to cover certain bits with the UMA (Unit Meeting Activities) it still allows lots of time to do the other things, like a night on cheese, or circus skills, or anything else you usually do. The Interest badges are for the girls, not the unit, to do.
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    "What new programme"

    Badges: We know from the “Being Our Best” consultation with volunteers, there was a clear appetite to encourage girls to build their confidence and sense of empowerment, encouraging them to be proactive about what they want to do in Girlguiding. From Blogging to Dancing, the new badges are...
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    "What new programme"

    Bits I haven't found before include this section from the notes on the slideshow: Updated May 2018 Skills builders are sets of badges which enable girls to build and develop core skills that are relevant for her experience within Girlguiding and beyond. There are 12 Skill builder topics, two...
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    110 years of Guiding

    I think it is something that could be celebrated alongside Thinking Day - with an added moment of thought about the fact that millions of girls and young women must have been through guiding over that time. Bet there will be a badge though!!!
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    "What new programme"

    I know there are issues with some people and address etc, but I would think that a Unit pack should be sent to the main contact for each unit - a4/5 booklet explaining what/when/how for the unit - how many badges there are, are they unit badges or individual, what the skills builders are, and...
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    Charnwood 2019 is coming!! :-)

    Hi @Charnwood Fan do you know if the 14-17 yr olds can camp with their units alongside 10-14's without missing out???? we have a couple who will be 14, but definitely not up to camping alone (they would sleep for the week!) also don't want to send loads of adults for 2 or 3 girls!!!
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    Weekly Discussion: To necker or not to necker?

    Our girls ask sometimes, as the leaders try to wear theirs, but it always seems to be at a time when we seem to have asked for a lot of money already!!!! Might suggest we use some of our bag packing money towards them. They missed them where we did a camp without neckers having done an...
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    Weekly Discussion: Would you confiscate?

    We point out how little use they will have for electronics - on a weekend camp recently we said they could bring phones with parents permission, as long as leaders knew (Guides) and that they would not have them overnight anyway. 1 girl brought hers and kept it for other reasons which we knew...
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    What to use for a wash tent?

    we are going to test run a utility type tent that we have - big enough for 2 bowls on a table, and a small amount of storage for wash bags, and see how it does this weekend (MegaMoot). If it works, we may look at getting 1 or 2 more, which gives us the flexibilty of numbers changing, and space...
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    What to use for a wash tent?

    I like the idea of that - maybe 2 so one could get used as a changing space while others were washing hands/doing teeth?? would also mean I would have to take less rubbish with us (or find somewhere else to hide it!) The wash tent ends up being the space to put stuff that doesn't have a home.....
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    What to use for a wash tent?

    We have had a few pennies granted, and one thing that we don't have in a purpose wash tent - we always use whatever we aren't using to sleep in!!! We have managed to sort a good range of sleeping tents now, as well as kitchen/dining, but I was thinking about a wash tent. In my head, it is...
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    Weekly Discussion: Mother of problems…

    maybe part of what should be sent out is 'please let your commissioners know as soon as you wish so they can make sure that support is in place, whether this is cover, an extra adult to enable ratios to be kept if you take your child with you, or a babysitting service.'
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    New today

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    Weekly Discussion: Mother of problems…

    I think the guidance needs to be 'reasonable adjustments should be made'. If you want/need to bring your child with you (from baby onwards) then as long as you are with ratios and safe for you, child and the section you are with, no one should be able to tell you you can't come. I would say...