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  • dont it come round quick happy Birthday hope you had a great day xx
    glad your unit has taken off so well.
    we have 2 finished their BP and another 4 almost finished theirs.
    we have 2 started their commonwealth award, and another 2 looking through it.
    not sure about look wider, but i hope to get my 2 eldest going for it.
    my eldest YL is in the finishing stages of her gold DofE
    have any of yours attempted commonwealth, look wider or duke of edinburgh?
    We still have a decent size unit of guides for our village, so that's good. Just struggling to get another adult to help regularly.
    how's your unit going?

    Just wanted to say thanks for the tip about Hobbycraft and boxes, went to the one in Hull on Saturday, didn't realise they did such a range of Really Useful Boxes and both OH and I got just what we wanted (and a bit more besides...)
    Hey Vickey,

    Did you get tickets for the big gig? It would be good to meet up if you have.
    I just got an e mail to say we got tickets for the evening performance. So excited.
    Hi Vickey,

    Not heard from you in a while. How are things going with your unit?
    hi Vickey, that sounds like the perfect opportunity! We have plently of badges available, so go ahead and order!

    We now have enamel ones too!

    Let me know if you need any more info x
    Guides is going well for me too, thanks.
    I would like to take the unit to the big gig too. I would also like to do something really special, like going abroad with the guides, but I don't have a licence for that. I am definately doing the holiday one this year, have the location and helpers, just not sure what to do next really.
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