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  • Well, kinda they apologised for the way it all came about, the waythey spoke to me about it etc and that they didn't want to ruin the friendship...
    Yeah it did :) Oooh, did I tell you I got an apology for all the things that were said?!
    huggles. keep ya chin up and try to keep smiling:)
    i'm surviving the toothache. went and had the start of root canal treatment, which has helped immensly:) now i'm suffering with manflu. been off work the last 2 days, but going in for my last, which i don't know why as i still feel pants!!!

    x x x x x
    At work i have been at at least another 4 houses that were waaaay worse than yours when you started decluttering it! And some of these think they are tidy! At least you weren't deluded! Hope its going well!
    kat is going to copy me some oliver shanti for when i go see her in march. i will copy some for you as i think you will like. from some of the stuff she keeps playing to me on skype i really like and think you will too.
    eeeeeeee pet i can't believe how similar our likes our:):):)
    hey ya

    weldone on comin out and also on managing to run vision on wed i know both are huge steps

    do you have a 20:10 promise badge yet? if not i have a few spare which i can send ya

    Tried to pm you but your full
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