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  • I try find Pet challege as Lost Pdf but at life write liitle about really pet Darcy.
    Well guider form is quiet this week must enjoy lovely sunshire instead I bew enjoy the sunshire too.
    Sorry come back from holiday had back from guuiding so just need chill and relex now. look trefoild guild pray any idea please?
    I won't be on www. guider.co.uk waiting hear trefoild guild be back soon
    right won't be on for while got sorry this devil hirn of landlord OUT but when come back I got good news I think time need listern Angels and fariys again.
    Sorry won't be tomorrow I got tell my unit-leader how feeling as leader at movment be hostery not look forward go back to Rainbow guides tomorrow be told Got live in Aere or can't be leader anymore so got do house hut in longton or newcastle now or can't join girlguiding anymore. So wish luck get new house.
    Well If don't snow this week be working and rainbow again just nice birthday party suprise today
    welll sorry i won't be on form for this week well I had big row with guiding with all Dc in staffordshire I be told if use facebook and tweet you won't be leader any more if got dyspraxia can't be leader i think this parant get use back because govement stop child tax still think leader get paid by them.
    Not happon with join this form too.
    So be back when all sort because parant vote no because Of leader of dyspraxia so could all losting benfit now two volutar job.
    I sorry be busy at movment with Darcy my dog and guiding I busy as bee at movment.
    I sorry I busy with girl guiding and Rainbow Guides and special need grown up brownies group but shh at secert at movment. i can't spill bean yet.
    Sorry won't be on here this week I help mother with O level on computer( even never did O level at College)got Darcy food before it snow.
    This why can't reward guide Promiise because be lying if say promise now.
    I bit upset at movment could be lost my benfits be told if keep benfit got up give up Rainbow or have none.
    so going tell this Longton Leadership it amshed when quaffion Leader. If keep girl guiding I lose benfits.
    I want post somethings on guider bong but not working so going try find my dariy and going read Cageed In Chaos A dyspraxia guide to breaking free and the first girl guide with guide promise going feel self-esteem is low having dyspraxia.
    well I be start Rainbow this week and menter DofE it going be hardwork test challege b adge and metor Dof E but like challlege. I test challege with Rainbow with few new games which don't know about it.
    Well have another bad day at work but nice finshed work early watch films and coloring puzzle to relex. I looking forward going back girlguiding look after Rainbow and free Babysitter too.
    I got menter Dof E who be leader too but if know what teenage just want have fun!
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