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Christmas Advent Calendar Challenge Currently V8 29-08-17

An advent calendar with lots of cool Christmas crafts and activities

  1. Caroline B
    We love Christmas, and getting ready for Christmas can be great fun. So we decided to combine two of our favourite things – an advent calendar plus lots of cool Christmas crafts and activities - to create a December-full of things to make, do and enjoy. Our guides had a fabulous time opening windows & completing the challenges - we hope you do too.
    This resource is suitable for Guides, Brownies and Rainbows but also Senior Section who want a fun Christmas. Badges cost £1 each plus postage & packing.
    Badge now approved by Girl Guiding & available - send your orders to caroline.bilbrough@uk.ibm.com
    Badges selling fast - please get your orders in to ensure you get them

Recent Reviews

  1. suede
    Version: Currently V8 29-08-17
    Our girls loved this - so much that I've had to order extra badges! An excellent resource.
  2. Jan H
    Jan H
    Version: Currently V8 29-08-17
    Plenty to keep the girls occupied over three meetings before Christmas. Great service from Caroline when I needed badges in a hurry!
  3. Doc
    Version: Currently V8 29-08-17
    An excellent resource with something for everyone. It can be fitted into a meeting but is better spread over several meetings during advent.
  4. KarenCappy59
    Version: 2016-08-31
    Fab, something for all our girls, some are appropriate for our Rangers too! Brilliant, thank you :-)