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100 Actions


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Our Rangers are struggling to come up with 100 actions to complete for the Mission Spectacular badge. They aren't inspired by GGUK's ideas for the badge - have any of your sections done this or can you offer any community based ideas... especially bearing in mind we only have until the end of the year to complete this!


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We wrote one hundred compliments on paper tags and then handed them out to people, however that was with the Guides section. One of the ideas they came up with was doing 100 good deeds between them. We had 24 Guides and they were each going to do 4 and then we would do 4 as a unit. We were going to write each one of the good deeds on a post it and make a display out of them.


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Well the Brownies originally wanted to make 100 cakes - to eat themselves of course - not quite the requirement lol especially as they also chose Ready Steady Cook as Get Creative and will be doing a bit of cooking on fires as part of Light Your Fire. So we are doing a community litter pick instead, each Six aiming for minimum 100 pieces of rubbish, though I reckon we could do it per girl, so we'll just keep going until our time runs out! Our local council supply all the kit, bags, grabbers, gloves, etc.

sandra 100

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could you get each member to bring in an item of food to donate to your local food bank between now and end of year until you reach 100


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We are baking 100 cookies and giving them to the local fire station, police station and ambulance stations.
We are collecting 100 things for the shoebox appeal/charity
We are picking up 100 pieces of litter (the most difficult of all, as our local park is usually very clean!)


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At Brownies we made 100 friendship teabags... Small teapot template cut out with a poem about spreading happiness stuck on (Google),decorated, and then a teabag attached with a teeny tiny peg. These we are sending to the trefoil guild, but could be sent to local community group or care home. The idea came from the Scotland themed challenge from a few years ago!