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A gift for the community

Hi so I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas of what we can do for our community at the end of the year. We usually do shoe boxes and food banks but was just wondering if anyone does anything different like something for the local nursing homes or the neo - natal unit. Perhaps toys for children’s ward. I’ve a serious brain fog but would like suggestions to take to the girls at our next meeting thanks


Are there people in your community you could ask to find out about local need? Maybe the clergy or the health visitor would know of individuals or groups, maybe you have locations like a refuge, homeless shelter, or a local common good fund or organisation?


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A lot will depend on your community...a small village may benefit from some bulb planting ( with the agreement of the parish council) a more urban area it may be adopting a flower bed or piece of waste ground. Nursing homes may appreciate some carol singing or even the girls going to spend some time with residents (depending on their age). You could even do a coffee afternoon for elderly people that live alone, give them a small gift and a chance to get out and talk to people...


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We give small gifts to the domestic abuse unit. Sometimes people leave their homes very quickly, with only the clothes that they are wearing, so gifts of toiletries, books, or small toys can be very welcome.

Twiddlemuffs for older people with dementia may be welcomed by some care homes.

If you have any homeless charities, they may welcome sanitary protection for females who are in need.

ETA: used bras (still in good condition) can be donated in branches of Bon Marche. I beleive that they are sent to Africa, where women wearing underwear are less likely to be subjected to sexual abuse.


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If you contact a few choice causes they will probably be able to best advise you on what’s needed.

As an example I’ve seen several food banks put out a statement thanking people for kind donations but asking for no more beans please as it’s all they were getting (and more than they could ever give out) but that they were in desperate need of toiletries. Likewise there was a long stay children’s hospital unit that couldn’t accept pre owned toys but were very greatful for donations of “fun” themed bed clothes.


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We had good feedback from planting bulbs. We have done it both as window boxes for the community centre and individual pots for elderly people in sheltered housing. For the latter, I dropped a note through the week before saying who we were, when we'd be coming and emphasising that we were not begging. Some elderly people can be a little scared of opening their door. Their smiles when they opened the door to a right Rainbow handing something to *them* rather thepan asking for anything were brilliant to see and it brought a tear to the eye when one lady told us we were the first visitors she'd had in several days.

We also made decorations for the tree in the community centre, each with a little sweet and a gift tag (last year's cards cut up). We got the names of the day care visitors in advance and each had a decoration with their name on it saying love from and the Rainbow's first name.


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We sing Carols at the local care home. We make up tubs of winter bedding with a small spruce in for outside the village hall doors.
We clean and polish the church in advance of the Remembrance parade and then attend it.