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A new badge?


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Hi, I paid you by paypal on 01/08/2010 £4.72 for 1 enamel badge & 1 cloth badge. I put my username on the paypal transaction and also pm'd you on the same day to say payment sent. Also pm'd you on 21/10/2010 with my address as couldn't remember if I'd given you it initally.. Please could you send the badges.

Thanks Vicki :)


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Is there any news on these badges? I found this thread recently and really want 1 of each! I tried to PM Lizzieloubee, but her inbox is full! :(


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Has anyone any idea about these badges. Have been waiting since June for them. I know people are busy with work and stuff and have other things to do but i did send a cheque in June with a SAE



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nor me despite assurances they would be in the post.

at least let us all know if there is some kind of problem.


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Hi Lizzie
Just clearing out my inbox and have realised that I still haven't recieved any badges from this thread.
Don't know if anyone else is still in the same situation but having paid for them quite a while ago now I would have expected to recieve them or have had a message letting me know what was going on?
Please let me know whats happeneing!