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So I've just taken over a unit, having been involved in the unit team for the last year.

I'm attempting to sort out the accounts from January (we run a January - December financial year) but don't have a hard or soft copy of last years (ex Leader's laptop has died and commissioner can't find a copy).

I think my best approach would be to take the balance from 1st January off the bank statements and then take it from there. Any alternative suggestions?


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That is what I did when I took we had no accounts in the unit. So I used the cash balance and the bank balance. It took a while but it did work. However the DC did have the accounts from the year before. Good Luck!


Yes, start the accounts from the earliest date which records can be traced for, and manage the records from there onwards.


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I took over a Rainbow unit from a lady who had been struggling to do a lot of the leadership role for a while and there were no accounts. The first year I handed in my own accounts, I just wrote 'last year's figures unavailable ' on the balance sheet. Everyone knew why, understood and just agreed we'd go from there. It's real life practicality.