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Official Info: Activities available

Which Activities would you like to do?

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What would you like to do?

You do not have to do any activities and you will only be charged if you want to do the activity.

There is time to do 2 activities. One in the morning and one in the afternoon on Saturday.
Don't worry if you don't want to do any activity, there will be plenty of other things to do :)

The costs are (inclusive of instructor charges):

10am - 11am Air Rifle Shooting: Total cost £40.00 max 12 people. Current number 9, Current cost £4.44
10am - 12noon High ropes: Total Cost £112.00. Max 8 people. Current number 6, Current Cost £18.67

1pm - 2pm Archery: Total Cost £40.00 Max people 12 Current number 12, Current cost £3.33
2pm - 3pm Crate stacking: Total Cost £58.00 Max 12 people. Current number 9, Currrent Cost £6.44

Climbing: No longer available

Payments by paypal, if you can't pay by paypal then please just pm me. Address jellycan@guiderplus.com


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I'm not into doing anything high (which includes low ropes) so I will be opting for relaxing. Is there going to be any craft?


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As on other G2Gs, for those who wouldn't want to do the activities, I'm sure you can stay in and sew or do crafts. A lot of people take their blankets and badges to do some sewing.

I've picked three - archery, climbing and the high ropes. I haven't done archery for years but remember enjoying it a lot, and now that I'm a bit fitter I would love to try climbing and the high ropes sounds fun :)


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There will be lots of crafts, chance to relax, maybe do some sewing and get to know others. A chance for a nap before the evening activities, read.
The weekend is your oyster.


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My idea of activities is watching others enjoy themselves and the only badge sewing I'll be doing is my own - blanket will travel pre-pinned ready for needle and thread.


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Gosh, I did a Cresta run in Christchurch NZ - wonder if it is even still there?

I so feel for everybody affected at the moment.