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Address Needed for Badge


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I would like to say thatnk you. Mine came through the post last week, and the stamp hadnt been maked so guesing it was lost in postoffice for a while.


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Do you still have some G2G6 badges? I've never gotten mine and there's an empty space on my blanket waiting for it :(
My address is still the same as it is for Guider+, I've lived in the same house the entire time I've been a member of Guiders!


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I've still not had one either Hilzo!
Have debated cutting up the t-shirt and sewing that on instead............


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I've got loads sitting there waiting for people to confirm there address. Thought as I had no more replies to my messages everyone who wanted one had one.

If you PM me your address I'll send it out straight away no probs.


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Ooops sori Mike only just seen this thread and didn't even realise there were G2G6 badges! :eek:

I'll DM u my address now :)

ETA: Mike your inbox is full so I can't send it yet!!! :)


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Just wanted to add my thanks for getting my badge out to me as well - should have said so a while back it arrived, just slipped my mind! :D