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Adult :child ratios- Rainbows

Hi, I am a new leader (LiT) of a Rainbows unit. I want to get my Rainbows to walk from our meeting place to the postbox down the road to post letters to Santa...I have 14 girls in my unit, a young leader, 2 Guides (Rainbow helpers), 2 adult helpers and me....Do I need extra adults if we are heading out and about?


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The ratio is 1:5 so you're covered for the girls. The problems will be your brownie helpers and, if under 16, your YL.

If it's literally down the road, ie visible from your meeting place, no roads to cross, then I'd say you'd be fine - do it in installments (if all your girls turn up).

If you're going on a walk all the way to town etc, I'd definitely get more adult help though.


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Senior Section (>14 years, so your young leader) do not count in ratios. Your Rainbow helpers do. So you have 16 children to cover, ratio for rainbows is 1:5 so you need one more adult to cover your ratio.


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The problem with going in groups would be leaving two adults with the girls in the hall/the girls who are going out.
It's like the fox/goose/grain problem.


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Adult to child ratios become mandatory when:
  • an activity starts and finishes away from the normal meeting place
  • you undertake certain activities.
If you're just popping out for a few minutes of your normal meeting rather than planning a whole walking outing, then you should be fine. If it's a longer walk, then you'd need one extra adult if all the kids show up on the night. Either way, I'd still suggest letting parents and your district commissioner know your plans and check they're happy. Parents so they know to send kids with coats (and warn you if they know their little darlings may cause problems near roads!) and DC because she'll know your unit circumstances and local area better than us "online people" so can give better advice. BrownieBeth's suggestion of going in relays to make sure you are covered is also a good one. Don't forget that anyone can be your "extra" adult for the evening, e.g. a parent or auntie or leader's friend, and they don't need to be DBS checked as long as they're not left unattended with the kids.