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I'm 26 and a LiT, but the Trefoil Guild seems a really interesting prospect. As I came back to Guiding less than a year away from my 25th birthday, I didn't really jump into the Senior Section as I could have done, and the Voyage award seems a really interested prospect.

I have, rather ashamedly, been put off joining the Trefoil Guild due to the average age, so was just interested in hearing about the experiences of younger Trefoil Guilders and what your advice would be?

Thank you


No matter what age you are, I'd suggest contacting local Guilds and finding where/when they meet, and if they could let you have a copy of their programme for the year. That will give you an idea of how often they meet and what sort of activities they do. There are also nationwide options like Lone or Internet Guilds, if either of those would suit better, and in some areas there are Guilds which focus on a particular topic. So the first step is to start looking at options!


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Hi SnowyOwl, I'm 31 and I've been a Trefoil Guild member for a couple of years now. Admittedly I do reduce the average age of my Guild quite substantially, but I don't mind too much. What I was looking for when I joined was a way to socialise during the day because I was working from home and was feeling rather isolated. My local Guild is an older one, but I love talking Guiding and they have so much experience and so many great ideas to share that I think being a part of that Guild makes me a better Guider as well as being fun and getting me out of the house. It works for me, but I know it might not work for everyone.

As Fenris has said, if your local Guild doesn't float your boat then look around and see what else is in the area. It doesn't hurt to get in touch with your county chairman, which you can do by filling in the "get in touch with your local Guild" (or words to that effect) contact form on the Trefoil Guild website. Be honest and tell her if you'd like to find a younger Guild, a more adventurous Guild, or a special interest Guild. She can help point you to the one that will work best for you. You can try more than one before committing, and if you decide you want to do the Voyage Award but not attend the local meetings, Internet and Lones are available.

And there's also the possibility of starting a new Guild to meet your needs - you only need six potential members to start a new Guild. Lots of Guiders harbour the same feelings about the TG that you do, and lots of parents of young members wish they could take part too! There are loads of people, male and female, already in your network who might be interested if you ask around.

Whereabouts in the country are you? If you happen to be LaSER I might be able to help you more specifically. Either way, I'm always happy to chat TG here or via PM or email if you've got any more questions.
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I've joined a similar (non-guiding) group which has a similar reputation for being for older / non-working / ladies who lunch ...... which isn't me (!) but I figured I liked the other aspects the organisation offers and nothing's going to change if I just sit on the outside b****ing about it, I might as well join and try to effect change that way.

I'm probably not going to drag them all down to the local nightclub ..... but then again, do I want to do that myself?
A lot of their equivalent of district / county / regional events are mid-week & mid-day ....... that doesn't particularly suit me, but it has suited their membership over time ...... and might suit the likes of Ezrekia who is working from home, or those working shifts, those working part-time, those working near the meeting place or SAHM. So, what that says to me is that it's often not the age-range per se that's the issue - more whether the meeting place / time / range of activities suits us as individuals, and whether anything that doesn't suit us can be changed (easily!).

So, it's possibly fair to say if you're an average / stereotypical (whatever that is!) 26 year-old, maybe you'll not have too much in common with the average / stereotypical TG. But, if they spend their time baking and visiting cake shops, and you like that too, and you're free when they meet ........ bingo! If you want to do the Voyage award, and they've got an active group of others doing it, who go places and invite in speakers that you can see helping you ....... bingo!


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I am also 26 and have been a member of my County's more active TG for a couple of years now. I have to say I don't get to many of their meetings as they often clash with my Brownie meetings or they are during the day when I can't make it, but I do enjoy it when I can go. I am the youngest member (most of the others are my mum's age or older), but I have always got on well with people older than me so I'm not really that fussed.

The chairman of that guild also wants to set up one in my district. We have lots of really keen leaders who are in Guiding for themselves as much as for the girls, but a lot of us can't get to the meetings for the County guild I am a member of. Hopefully that will work.

I have seen an article recently about student TGs, so it may be worth setting something up yourself if you can find enough people locally.
Thank you all for your advice (Ezrekia-thank you, but I'm the opposite end of the country in Cumbria South), we have a Division meeting coming up on Thursday, which will be my chance to find out more. I am also part of another charitable volunteer organisation which is known for an older membership and I've gained a lot through that so I really should know better than be put off by being the youngest by a margin!