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All challenges on regions/countries


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Hi mods

If this is going to be a sticky - could all the other themed threads also be stickies?
I did think we'd decided that only the combined thread needed to be a sticky, not all the individual ones?


Brownie-induced madness
Just posting to say there seem to be a lot of new Region/Country challenges, might be good to update this.
I am trying to locate the challenge that has Russia in it, saw it earlier in the year but can not remember where ,it is similar to the Orient express one, your help would be much welcome. It had russian dolls as one craft. Hope somebody can help.


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The ZDOROVO Russian Challenge, mentioned in the list at the start of this thread?

Or the Padroogi Challenge, which is a few years old and was produced, I think, by North-East England?

There have been various Russian-themed challenges over the years, I have copies of two or three at home.


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NW region now has a Beatrix Potter challenge and also Claire House challenge badge (Claire house is a children's hospice on the Wirral www.claire-house.org.uk/)