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Question? An Activity Evening with Parents

The rainbows have asked for an activity evening with parents. Any activity suggestions would be appreciated.

The girls have already put forward smores.

Also how best to start and finish the evening as I have not arranged one of these before.


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We did this for fathers day one year. We did:
- Spaghetti and midget gem structures
- Newspaper fashion
- An outdoor scavenger hunt (I think it was matching the colours, something from nature detectives
- Ginger beer pong (US style beer pong but with ginger beer, the dad's all denied knowing how to play it, but I'm sure some of them secretly did...)

We didn't have a formal start and the girls and their dads just went round the activities as they wished. We did get together to sing the goodbye rainbows song at the end.

Be aware that not all girls might have a parent who comes with them, we teamed up our YLs with a couple who didn't.