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Any games ideas to play with Rainbows


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Rainbow streamers
Get length of diffetent coloured ribbon or crepe paper. at brownies I have a set per six, but 2 sets will do depending on numbers.each girl has a strip of colour.
Make a list of coloured things, peas, lemons snow,strawberries, carrots erc. when you say an object on list the girl with the right colour runs across hall and back. keep score if thats appropriate


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Our Rainbows adore Hedgehogs! They run about until we shout 'Hedgehogs' at which point they curl up in a ball like a hedgehog with heads tucked in so they can't see and we put a blanket over one of them and say 'who's hiding?' and they have to work out who it is under the blanket.
Mine love mousetrap. Start with two rainbows with joined hands raised to make an arch (the trap). The rest are mice and run in a circle, going through the trap. A leader with her eyes closed shouts 'mousetrap' and the trap bring their arms down quickly, and anyone caught inside joins the trap and makes it bigger. The last mouse/mice left wins.
Our girls love 'I sent a letter to Olivia' (can't remember where I came across it)
A bit like duck, duck goose.
Make up an envelope addressed to Olivia, girls sit round in a circle, choose Rainbow to start, she skips round the circle all girls say 'I sent a letter to Olivia and on the way I dropped it, one of you picked it up and put it in your pocket'. At this point the girl taps each girl with the envelope saying 'it wasn't you, it wasn't you etc until she chooses a girl and says 'it was you', drops the envelope on the girls lap. The choosen Rainbow then chases the first Rainbow round the circle. First Rainbow sits down in 2nd Rainbows place, then starts again with 2nd Rainbow skipping round and girls saying rhyme. Hope this makes sense! Deb.