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Anybody from New Zealand who could help me for my Commonwealth Award?


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Hi, I'm starting my Commonwealth Award and I chose New Zealand as my country. I want to know more about the badges that girls do in New Zealand but the website just lists the names for Pippins and Brownies and has nothing for Guides or Rangers. Is there somewhere on the internet I can find the syllabuses for all the badges?



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Hi BlueJay13,

I'm in New Zealand so might be able to help you. The reason that there isn't much information on the GirlGuidingNZ website is that there are new programmes for all the sections. The new Pippin and Brownie programmes were launched last year and the new Guide and Ranger programmes have just been launched. You can send me a message with your questions and I'll answer what I can.
Hey there. I've just seen this (was looking for something else), and although its a little while ago I wanted to say if I can do anything to help then give me a shout. I'm a Ranger Leader in NZ now (after being Brownies and Senior Section in UK). Sure gingerpetal (above) has been able to help you out, but if you needed another person to answer anything then let me know!