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Question? Anyone know what these games are please?

We're trying to involve our Rainbows more and give them more choice in what we do in our meetings, so I asked them for some ideas of games they'd like to play. :)

A couple of games they told me about I hadn't ever heard of, so I told them I'd look them up online and once I'd found the rules we could play. However, I can't find either of these games anywhere, if anyone knows what they are I'd really appreciate it if you could explain them to me!

1. You pretend to be buzzy bees, someone shouts a letter and you mime something starting with that letter with a partner, somehow someone is out each time and somehow someone wins!?

2. Everyone lines up, and someone stands in front of the line at the other end of the room with their back to the line. Someone in the line says something in a funny voice. This has something to do with the/a queen also. And possibly fish and chips :confused:

TIA xx


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The second one is Good Evening Your Majesty - those are the words that are spoken in the funny voice. The person with their back to the others is the Queen, and has to guess who has spoken. If they guess correctly, they remain as Queen. If they don't, the person who spoke becomes Queen.

I don't know the first game though.


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Buzzy bees, they run around buzzing like bees until you shout a letter, they mime something starting with the letter. If two or more groups mime the same thing they are out, last one standing wins


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Fish, chips and peas is where you allocate a line in the room for each and as you call them out the girls race to line up at that point. You can knock the last one out if you like. Once they get good you can swap the names of the lines about halfway through the game and challenge them to remember the new locations.