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Autumn term activities


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So far (and only in my head), UK parliament week, the GG pack arrived last week, possibly a trip to the local climbing centre, several weeks using the new programme taster pack activities, and whatever the girls suggested at the end of last term that we can fit in. Plus a camp day at the local scout camp one weekend


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This is one group, I haven't got the others typed up yet.

Sep 12th Super Sixes – Team Games

19th Parachutes

26th Friend to Animals) – NR Exotics visiting us

Oct 3rd Friend to Animals)

10th Friend to Animals)

17th Paper Fun

Adventure On group on outing

Half Term

31st Halloween Party – Fancy Dress

Nov 7th Remembrance

Sunday 12th Remembrance Parade in Botesdale

14th Benvenuto in Italia

21st Yummy Art

28th Right to be happy

Dec 5th Christmas Crafts

12th Christmas Games


Started back last night, with team challenges and games in Sixes (we've a lot of new starts, outnumbering the existing girls). Next week the Brownies will choose the themes for each week, and we'll use that to construct our programme from then until Christmas - 14 meetings.


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We have a difficult term ahead as we are down to only 1 leader (me!) plus two YLs, and I have an exam at the end of September and then holidays books for October. So we're having 4 meetings, then an extended half term, then 6 meetings. During that time, we'll have an Adventure book night, Tesco Farm to Fork trail, another night about sustainable food to pad it out a bit more, we'll do cooking one night, we are going to make cuddly penguin toys for their Toymaker badge, and at the end we're going to a Christmas district event. YLs will hopefully run 2 nights, as well as being generally helpful. I was going do to some Braille as well because the girls loved doing sign language, but then I used that idea on pack holiday instead. Doh!


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Similarly, a big load of newbies coming in, so for the first meeting we're making name badges (wooden trefoil shapes decorated with ink stamper letters), and discussing new Brownie programme, and lots of games
Outdoor cooking (if it's dry) / Brownie Traditions - knots and stuff (if wet)
Basic First Aid principles
Split into groups for next two weeks: First Aid / Brownie Skills
Christmas craft for village fair
Promise party
Plan a show
Put on a show
Christmas party & sleepover (Reindeer Challenge)
Carol singing


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I've planned Brownie traditions which will include using ome of the activity cards sent to us in the summer e.g lighting matches and keep fit activites it is all laid out - Brilliant (actually doing it as had a load of these badges in my tin and don't want to be left with them when they change all the programme) also we are on Waddow's Brownies do Blackpool Weekend so those that are going have questions to find answers to (very few) for Friend to Animals and my sister is then the next meting bringing her dog as she is a registered PAT dog (also using an activity card for this too). We then have decided to have a Christmas fair with Guides and Rainbows one night to raise funds so will let the girls decide stalls they want and make things to sell in the weeks before. Also will have a slot for Remembrance day - poppy activity of some sort not sure if Poppy Challenge badge is still going it fills a few weeks and is really good. Then we hit Christmas decs and carol service at church and carol singing at a local residential care home. Phew we are going to be busy!


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friends to animals nights, christmas stuff, halloween, messy night, remembrance stuff, fundraiser night, 2 nights i am not sure about maybe do something from the new cards. we are lucky only got 4 girls starting with us so it is a lot of girls from last year and jan starts so makes life a bit easier
fab to read this, im unsure on my autumn term this year, i plan on doing a what i did in summer activity & resorting sixes as we have a few leaving ect.
Then i think ill ask the girls which badges they would like to do & base my term plans on those.
We are back tomorrow and starting with a craft evening. The second week we are at Tesco's for their Farm to Fork Trail. Then for the next five weeks will be doing the 5-Senses Challenge. Then a firework evening. For the next two weeks we are doing the Activity badge. Then Christmas crafts for a couple of weeks, and finishing off with our Christmas party.